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Hello Giant Bomb I hope you are reading this, this is just an idea that hit me.  I was reading an article in a magazine recently and noticed how my eye was drawn to certain quotes that stood out on the page and drew me into the article (this is their purpose, of course, and we have all been here at some point or another); the connections were made.  After a little searching on the web I found out the proper name of this device is called a " pull-quote," Giant Bomb could benefit from pull-quotes.  This simple device is eye catching and would help with generating increased interest in user reviews, blogs, and staff news articles.
If done to fit the formatting of GBs layout I am positive this could be used effectively.  Perhaps a character limit would need to be enforced or something to prevent overuse...  
A lot of longer reviews or blog posts are most certainly overlooked as most users do not want to read a novel if they have no interest, but with pull-quotes sticking out front-and-center it would draw their eye and if the quote interests the reader, they will likely read more of the article than they would have otherwise due to the interest the quote has created.
This form of quoting is different than regular quotes we are used to on the forums.  A pull-quote would work much like images do in that they would be off to the left or right of the article and be eye catching, as well as help with the "flow" of the article and its "readability," by breaking up a wall of text.
tl;dr - Pull-quotes would be used to catch a reader's eye and pull them into an article.  They work differently than the normal quote box we are used to seeing in the forums in terms of both form and function.

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