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When I try to add a game to the database it want me to fill in some info like name, image, and deck. I obviously know what the name is and I'm guessing that the image is the games boxart. I don't know what the 'deck' is though.

Can someone please clarify what info I need to put in 'Deck' so I can start adding some games to the database?

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Just a brief description of what you're adding to the database.

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How brief? A lot of the pages on the wiki have so much info on the games and even have screenshots embedded into it. Would a simple paragraph be enough to be approved?

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@digitalsora: The deck is the short description at the very top of the page next to the box art. Keep it to one or two sentences and you'll be fine.

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Okay I understand now. Thanks a lot for the help!

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@digitalsora: Moderator here. The deck should just be a sentence or two that summarises the subject of the page.