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I'm planning a character and object article but I'm finding that my articles will probably have quite big story spoilers for the games that they appear in.  So I'm wondering if I should give a warning first then go ahead with the spoilers or simply leave the spoilers out entirely.

On the one hand, I want my article to have as much information as possible, but on the other, I don't want people to have to skip over half the article because they don't want the game spoiled. 


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well I would defiantly add spoiler tags for now as some people wont want the game ruined. I hope they implement that thing where you only see the spoiler if you highlight the test. That would be useful.

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Well if the spoilers makes up for more than 50% of the article's content, maybe you should rethink the purpose of the article? Just a suggestion. The article should have as much information about the game, even a story heavy game could be filled in with different stuff that aren't spoilers and still be very informative, well written, and verbose.

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Well "half" was somewhat of a exaggeration.  The whole point is that I'm not writing an article about a game, I am writing about an object and a person in a game.  And in that context you can't really write a good detailed article about said object or person without mentioning aspects of the games they appear in.

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Spoilers should probably stay in a story portion of an article. I'd say keep them out of general overviews, someone might accidentally stumble. If they spoil a game reading the story, that's their fault.