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Hey guys. Why is it necessary for a game that has releases listed for it to also have a separate release date? Especially considering the line near the top of a given game's wiki page reads as, "First released on.."

Example to help explain my confusion: NBA Live 14 has 2 releases listed (PS4 and Xbox One), both of which have a release date of November 19, 2013. Before I updated it, the game itself had an incorrect release date of November 14, 2013. Should the game's main release date field not just reflect the earliest release's release date?

Some games don't have any releases at all, so I do understand the need for a release date field in the first place.

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I cannot make heads nor tails of this. It has two releases as it will be released on two consoles. What's confusing about that?

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@pandabear: Yes, but in addition to the two releases, the game page itself has a release date that is completely independent of any of its releases.