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Hey everyone,

Is it possible to remove images that I have uploaded to my account (for example icons and such) because I noticed I've uploaded several of the same things in the past, and I was hoping to clean it up! None of the images I've uploaded are in the wiki, only a blog I have written.


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On your own account? Hell yes! Just go to your images, hit the edit button or whatever, click the image, and hit "remove image" (or whatever. I'm too lazy to go find the actual terminology right now).

On the wiki? Only under specific circumstances.

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I did removed the images on my personal account.

But after removing them and browsing along i found out they are all back again.

Do they also need to be approved for deletion? Must say the 1000 and even sometimes 5000 points needed to work on information is kinda setting me off...

Waiting over a full day even two days to see things got approved or denied...

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@video_game_king: You seem like you'd know and I figured why create another thread. Are there any rules about cosplay/fanart being added as character images? Because fuck do I want to delete all of that bullshit.

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I think it's allowed, for some reason? I really wish somebody would compile all the informal rules the wiki editing community has formed over the years.

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... I want to delete all of that bullshit.

Me too, dude. Me too.

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@mb said:

@starvinggamer said:

... I want to delete all of that bullshit.

Me too, dude. Me too.

Why don't you? Are you lacking a clear rule, or is it wiki point stuff, or what?

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@mb: Oh my gawwwwwwd you're a mod fix it fix it fix it!

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Do you care enough to pester the shit out of the other mods to do it?

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