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I have over 1000 pages in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity page, but can't select a header image there. It is perhaps relevant that that page is among those in which I lost a bunch of points - I used to have over 1500 points in it until that bug hit. Thought I would report this here.

On topic, I propose this image for the Poker Night 2 page. If I fiddled with it a bit more maybe I could get it to center slightly better, but I think as it is the image works pretty well across different resolutions.

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@snail: I'm not too sure about the issue you're having with that Mystery Dungeon page. You might want to make another post in that bug thread pointing out this specific problem (I doubt an engineer would be browsing this thread looking for trouble).

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@keres: Done.

@uranium: I don't see anything really wrong with the current header. Considering how many people have made pretty sizable contributions to that page, I'm inclined to leave it up to their discretion to request a change if they think one should be made.

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Please make this the image for the MOBA page. Thanks.

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@nadafinga: We've generally been trying to avoid using fan art in headers.

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for Quantum Break

And please give a status report once a request has been fulfilled. (a simple "done up to here" like in the ALIAS/RENAME thread would suffice)

If I had another request and nobody posts, my edit would get lost until someone else posted here probably.

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@tricky69: Are you referring to the header image or the box art image? There is a separate thread for box art change requests.

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Not sure if this is the place to do it, but since I rarely engage in header stuff, I figure I'll post my query here and hope for the best. Apologies if this has been a known issue and I'm just adding gas to a fire that people are trying to put out.

I have over 1000 points on the Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 page and naturally decided to cap it all off with a custom 1360x320 header based on the game's box art. When I use the test site, the image shows up with proper alignment and everything that's on the left side that should be there is present, like below:

On the actual page, though, it distinctly looks like this:

Bits and pieces change depending on how I resize my browser window, but otherwise the majority of the image is somehow cropped off on the left side. Am I doing something wrong with my image formatting or is this a site issue that's beyond my control? I tested it again with another version that has slightly different dimensions and shortened the deck since I know sometimes things haven't committed correctly without another refresh for the database, but it's all been to no avail. I otherwise made the banner the same way I have with my others, including my profile, and have never run into this sort of issue before.

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@pepsiman: This appears to be some sort of issue with the site's image processing. For some reason when you try to set this image as the bg, the site generates this image to use as the bg. I think there's always been a little of this image manipulation to prevent someone from setting a massive high res image as the header, but I've never seen it do any cropping like this.

By resizing your image a bit (a little taller/not as long) to this, I was able to get it go through a bit better (although it did still get cropped a bit to this). If you take a look at the MGS: Portable Ops header that @galamoth requested, the same thing happened. I set this image to be the header and this is the image that was generated and is being used. I've definitely never noticed anything like this in the past.

Maybe @alexisg, @mrpibb, or @ltsquigs knows some specifics about how the image processing works.

EDIT: After browsing the wiki a bit, I'm wondering if this cropping has been retroactively applied to old header images as well. Some pages aren't looking the way I remember them looking.

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@chaser324: I forgot notifications were still down, so I hadn't realized you had responded to my query until now! Thanks for taking the time to look into things for me and set that page straight. I more or less figured it was a processing issue, too, but it's nice to get confirmation. Until we get word on how that stuff is operating, I'll take care to make headers using similar resolutions from here on out.

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@pepsiman: @chaser324: So the way the image processing works on those images is that it makes sure that what ever image you use is at least 1280 x 533. Its kind of an odd size but its actually a 2.4 x 1 image ratio which is similar to the extra wide movie formats you see in many films. What I think is happening with your image is that its actually sizing the image up to 533 in height and then cropping the width to get that size. Most images that are uploaded are usually 1280x720 or 1980x1080 so in those cases the images would have the tops and bottoms chopped a bit.

The box itself uses a css attribute called background-size: cover. This ensures that no matter what the size of the box it always has some of the background image covering all points. This may all sound like crazy talk and why are we cropping things and why don't we just use skins on the left and right like other sites, but in all honesty I think this solution gives us the best results in most cases especially since so many people are seeing this site on tablets (which would not see background images on the sides at all) and on mobile phones. I think so far the community has done a GREAT job on adding images. They were supposed to simply be an atmospheric touch to give some depth to these pages and the amount of work that has been done to make sooo many of these pages work has been just great.

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@alexisg: Thanks for the minimum dimensions and aspect ratio info. That should be helpful.

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Oh crap... that Tess BG doesn't look nearly as good as it did in the tester =(

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@yummylee: Yeah, unfortunately there have been some recent changes to the way background images are processed (see some of the posts a few above your's) that the Header Tester doesn't account for. Sorry, about that.

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Could someone change the header image for Skitchin' to the title screen image found here?

Hopefully it's possible to get "SKITCHIN'" and some of those insane weapon-carrying skitchers into that header space.


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This seems appropriate for the World of Goo page. Although it isn't that big, the art style handles being blown up well.

Edit: To add to that, I think this is a great fit for Depression Quest. It's the cover to its soundtrack. Fits with the game's background always being static.

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Does this work for the Gods Will Be Watching page? It's very bright in "real life" but shows up a little dark on the test site...

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