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I've already put in the addition request to the wiki(several days ago) and am hoping someone with the authority to approve the addition will read this and consider approving the addition.

For anyone asking why UDK, I'm an Indie dev that would like to occasionally stream my work. Twich.tv uses the GiantBomb db for game names, and I'd like to be able to cast using UDK as the played game title.

UDK Home

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It's not a game though. That would be like adding CryEngine or idTech 5 as games.

Unless you count the bad example, stripped-down Unreal Tournemant that comes with it as the "game" part.

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It's not a game, so don't expect that wiki submission to get approved.

However, I don't think it's really a big deal for your streaming purposes. Plenty of people stream on Twitch without setting that game field to something that's in the database or without setting it to anything. I doubt that people would find your stream by going on to Twitch and searching for people playing "UDK", so I don't think it'll have a big impact on the size of your audience.

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@kung_fu_viking: I don't see anything wrong with adding CryEngine, Unity, or other dev kits. It's not like we're adding Maya to the list.

UDK might not be a game, but there is reason to add it to the wiki. ~180 Official games listed based off UDK alone.

As for audience, an individual channel might not get many views, but if the UDK community can cast under UDK, anyone interested in seeing dev work can find streams. That's my goal.

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There are concepts for the various Unreal Engines already, plus UDK is not a game so I also doubt it will be approved.

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Wiki mod here. Unless you can do some serious changing of minds, we're not adding UDK. The "Games" classification in the wiki is for games, and you openly admit that this is not a game. It's a pretty open-and-shut thing.

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It's not a game. The site even states its a unreal dev kit.

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...Guess it's time to focus on twitch then...