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Is there a reason that Steam and other digitalservices are listed as concepts and not platforms? I understand they clearly fall under PC, but there's a contradiction with the console digital services being listed as platforms in of themselves. Digital platforms going forward will only become more and more relevant and I think it should be easier to search for them. Maybe we just need an entirely new category to distinguish digital platforms from hardware.

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I also find the concept classification to be strange. I think Steam and GOG.com should be treated as companies, so that they can be listed as publishers for the games that they distribute.

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It is kind of odd I suppose. Maybe there should be a concept for "Steamworks" but not necessarily "Steam".

Kind of on took: I think we should have "Linux support" as a concept, or Linux be a platform page.

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I meant "topic", not "took". The mobile site really should allow for posts to be edited.