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Hey. Despite being a regular user of the site I was completely unaware until just now that there's a 'Major Games' tab in the browse/games part of the site where the important games, I guess, are listed for each year. I think it's a pretty cool feature, especially for going back to years you don't know so well and seing trends of when a greater quantity of important games came out or when that really innovative game that started a key feature of games or that everyone now cites came out.

I was wondering, though, how more games can be added to the list? Is this something that only staff or mods can do or do you need to have a certain number of wiki points to add (maybe delete?) games? I don't know if this is a case of knowing where to find where the correct wiki editing option is or finding a page where requests for this can be made, or if such a forum topic needs to be created.

I'm sure there are many games that should be added but the 2 I would suggest from just a casual glance is Shadow of the Colossus for 2005 which is pretty much a non-contestable game to have in there and then also a strong case can be made for World of Goo for 2008. Could someone please point me in the right direction of where to make these suggestions or how to go about sorting it out myself please? (I understand of course that this whole labelling of 'major' games could get contentious of course if lots of people want to suggest more).

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The list of important games is dictated by the whims of the staff. You might try contacting them.