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As seen on the new main Wiki page:

Note from your friendly Web Lords

As part of the site redesign we've added some new data fields at the release level. On the positive, this means we can now spit out which games support co-op or head-tracking or any number of fun requests. On the negative, since these are new fields, we need the user base to help us fill in that data. Till then, expect partial results when performing your searches. If you notice something is missing... by all means, go to that game page, click on the release tab and get to editing! Imagine how cool we can make this page.

I like this new feature! I submitted data for a few random games off my shelf. However, as I was checking the boxes and typing in numbers, I started wondering if having seperate features listed for each individual release is a good idea.

Check out Rainbow Six Vegas 2's releases. There's sixteen of them, and each has forms for minimum/maximum players, co-op, etc. Hardly ever does this differ between regional versions of games, so I think this is quite the overkill. Wouldn't it be enough to have one list of features per platform?

Also, I'd like your opinion on the proper etiquette for the multiplayer features. For example, which ones would a game like Halo 3 have ticked? Pretty much all of them? Is there a way to better differentiate these different multiplayer types?

What about games that have had their online features removed, or functionality added (say, Skyrim's Kinect support)? Should they still be submitted according to how they were when the game launched?

Sorry, I don't want to sound too critical of the new site, I really do like the redesign. Just wanted to start a discussion about this!

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How come there are no handheld multiplayer options? The site lists LAN, online, splitscreen, etc... but which is the option for local multiplayer for handheld?

edit: Maybe there should be an option for discontinued multiplayer. Good idea, no?

edit: Also, how to delete a release?

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It would be nice to edit all the releases at once.