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The OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) hasn't existed since 2006. Please look at http://www.classification.gov.au/www/cob/classification.nsf/Page/FrequentlyAskedQuestions_FrequentlyAskedQuestions?open&query=oflc#c12

What happened to the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC)?
The Office of Film and Literature Classification was previously responsible for classifying films, computer games and some publications. In 2006 the OFLC was closed and its responsibilities were transferred to the Classification Board and the Classification Review Board and the Attorney-General's Department.

Australian game ratings from 2006 are done by 2 government boards:

Could this change be supported in some way?

  • Global Search/Replace of OFLC with either CB or ACB (Australian Classification Board)
  • Games with a release date before 2006 show OFLC, and games released from 2006 onwards show CB or ACB
  • Show both OFLC and CB or ACB in the pick list, with some logic built into the wiki back end that throws a notification if you try to pick an OFLC rating for a game released from 2006 onwards?
  • Some other method?

The game ratings of G, PG, M, MA15+ are the current available ratings for games (no R18+ yet. :( ) Older games could also be G8+ (changed to PG), M15+ (changed to M). (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Classification_Board)

Is there a generic method of showing that a game has been banned for a region? Would it be best to show under 'Releases' as something like ACB - RC (Banned)? Maybe create an optional 'Prohibited from Release' type category under the Releases menu item? (And only allow very highly privileged uses to enable that menu option for a game?)

Any thoughts?

(I'm sorry if I've placed this topic in the wrong forum, but I couldn't think of a better forum to use)

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You've raised some good points. I can understand arguments for either CB or ACB (they refer to themselves only as the "Classification Board", but I think it would be effective to have "Australian" in front for clarity on here).

As for banned games, I agree they should be listed as "RC": "Refused Classification".

(I've no idea if this is the right forum either, but hey why not?)

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@dSkuld: @Eviternal: sorry for bumbing this so late but I stumbled across this topic during a google search for a rating.

Just wanna comment on the banned games thing: just attach the banned concept and explain the circumstances in the wiki itself.

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The releases section is for actual releases. If a game is refused classification, it doesn't get released and therefore should not be listed as a release. Use the Banned concept — you can even specify in the association where it has been banned. Hopefully the redesign will give association context greater visibility.