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I'm running Firefox 3.5.3 on Snow Leopard. I have tried multiple times to update the preferences for my recently published guide. I was able to update the completeness without issue, but I cannot update the "Can Other Authors Publish?" checkbox or the license which I would like to change to by-nc-sa. I update either or both of these fields, click "Save," and find that the former values have been restored upon returning to the preferences. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I had this problem for ages before I finally figured out a workaround - rather than clicking 'Save' after making your changes, press 'Next' and then save - it should work properly then.

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@TheBeast: That does not appear to be working for me either. Do you hit next until you get to the final page then hit save? If so, that is what I tried with the same result as before. Thanks for the suggestion.