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I'm just going to copy and paste most of a conversation that I had with another member, because it's pretty late.

If someone's brought this to light already, I apologize. The only thing I found via search function is someone complaining that this same issue (not having a date in the US release field) will refuse to show a review - which just adds further strength to the below.

A game is never searchable/linkable (or at least I can never do it) unless there is something in the US Release Date field. I have begun throwing whatever date is available in that field, even if it never released in the states, just because it'll pretty much be just as well have not been added at all, as it'll only be visible on things that have been linked from that page. Either it's a bug or it's some bizarre recordkeeping method that makes little or no sense.

Personally, I believe it should just be a release date reflecting the first release worldwide instead of the US, because things can get out of whack easily. Say Giant Bomb Adventures 1 came out after Giant Bomb Adventures 2 in the US for some reason (like it was never released here initially, but later only on Virtual Console or something), or maybe GBA1 came out in the US but not GBA2. It would look reeeeallly messed up on the timelines of consoles or series to have part 1 come after part 2. This gets very confusing. Also, when you don't put a date in at all, the game gets shuttled to the top of a list and therefore you've got a massive heap of random games populating the top of the list, mostly reserved for newer titles, with stuff that came out in Japan in like 1988.

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Well, being said other member... The search issue seems to be that new titles only show up after they've received a certain amount of data. The threshold seems to vary, but in my experience writing a short overview section pretty much always solves it.

As for putting non-US dates in the US dates field... Well, that's how the site is currently designed, and I'd think someone would be throwing things just as much out of whack by not complying with the rules most other contributors and readers will be expecting one to follow. It sounds like new site design will be more to your liking though, where it sounds like you can link credits (and presumably titles) to specific releases. Until then though, I would stick to using the US Release field as intended. Not doing so could potentially create problems when the wiki is migrated to the new site design, if they for example choose to create new US releases based on that field for titles that don't have any.

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First release anywhere is probably not the thing most people will be looking for in such a prominent location. Think about what the user will most likely be trying to accomplish. Consider the edge cases, but don't design primarily for the edge cases.

The search problem is a bug, and the release date is but one way of fixing it. Expect it to be fixed for good when the new site launches.

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In every case that I have had something not show up in search I just try and add something of an overview section and that always seems to do the trick.

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The US Release date thing is weird. I had been deleting them whenever I spotted them on Japan-only games, but because that data field is where dates are pulled for games as they appear in concept/character/company/platform page lists I decided against it. Since it's better to have that information displayed than nothing at all, I'm content to leave them be. I do think US release should take priority in that field, since most of this site's userbase is from the States, but it could be useful to have an alternative if there isn't one. Maybe the new wiki will let advanced wiki users "make default" the most appropriate release from the Releases page, like how they currently do with the default image.

I'm also with you about how annoying it is that the "reviews" link doesn't appear on the left side of any given wiki article until that game has hit its US release. I'd written Xenoblade Chronicles and Last Story reviews months before anyone was able to directly visit the pages they were on from their wiki page. Weird quirk of the system, I suppose. I'm guessing the same's true for any of our more gifted linguists who have written reviews of Japanese games long before their US localizations.

As for items not appearing in the search, I think it's a little more than not having a US release or some body text. I always include both when making a new page (when applicable, anyway), and several I've made in the past month don't appear when using the search, but several others do despite lacking some of those details. It's making me think we're going to have more than a few duplicates when they all finally pop.