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So @brad dropped a stealth wiki bomb on the latest podcast that got my juices flowing. It's quite possible he was referring to Battlefield 4's destructible environment thing, but I immediately thought of other games and ran here.

After due diligence of checking the COD:Ghosts and Split/Second pages, there's no existing concept that seems to describe "static map alterations during gameplay by player interaction", whereby a switch is flipped and the entire map is now in state B instead of state A. As much as I'd love to have "Levelution" on my list of created pages, I don't actually think that's what a generic concept should be called, even if it's not trademarked by DICE. It's a fine alias, but it's no Abilitease. :p

I'm also not sure how to describe it in such a way that it doesn't apply to all games everywhere. Probably it doesn't have a page already for exactly this issue. Think about stepping on a platform in FF6 to create a doorway through a wall. That's a minefield of a page... anyone have better ideas about what the distinction is, if any?

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Dynamic maps?

I don't know... I understand that levelution is awful as a "word", and its also a marketing invention, but its not like "raising a platform when a button is pressed" covers the examples of Split/Second and Battlefield 4.

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What's wrong with the destructible environments concept for this? While they didn't make as much of a deal about it in Battlefield 3, the map Caspian Border had the same kind of massive set piece destruction as in BF4 (with a massive collapsing radio tower that would create a shortcut through the wall across the middle of the map). Games like Mercenaries 2 and the Red Faction series also had stuff like that, I'm not really sure what about BF4's destructive environments are so groundbreaking or unique as to warrant another concept page.

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Yeah the Red Faction tech still seems way cooler.

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@fisk0: Certainly for environments that are destructible I'd agree, but is B4 or S/S actually destructible? It's really a static state change that chooses to show destruction, rather than say, Flower where levels grow and build. That's where it blurs into being like every game ever, just used in a novel way. I guess it's ultimately too generic.

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levelution is a drivatarded word.

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Is this actually any different than the levels in say, Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl? The only difference is that BF4's levels are a one-way street, whereas Smash Bros. levels generally cycle.

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As others have said, "levelution" is stupid, and it's basically just a "dynamic level".