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I was gonna upload a screenshot to the MK8 wiki and saw the glorious Luigi gif being used for the background. @marino What hath you wrought? I love the gif but that just looks hideous lol. Is that just a test or is this supposed to become a thing?

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Lol what a awful wonderful thing.

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Gif backgrounds have always been applicable, they're just not allowed -- least for the wiki anywhoo. I would sooner leave than be forced to give up my profile Barry Burton Mercenaries gif U_U

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We can upload GIFs to the wiki now? Hooray! (But no hoorays for this. Cropping kills.)

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Gifgate 2014.

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That banner makes the page laggy as shit on my mobile phone smart computer.

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I remember when the new site redesign could barely use gifs in standard forum threads. Now its GIF city

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The first step in Geocities' inevitable re-appropriation of the Internet!!!

I long for the days of webpages filled with blocks of illegible-against-the-tacky-background text slathered in gaudy animated GIFs with tabs!