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In my limited experience with Giant Bomb, I have noticed some strange descrepensies about game entries. For example, the remake of Resident Evil is listed on the original entry, but the Director's Cut, which is just the original but with a new difficulty mode, is a separate entry, as is the DS version which is the original but with touch controls.

This isn't the only example I can think of. The various remakes of the earlier Dragon Quest games are all part of their respective original's entries, even the box set of the first two. MGS 1 Integral is part of the original version's entry, but not MGS 2 Substance. Does anyone know what the rules are regarding individual entries?

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I don't think the RE Director's cut should get a separate page but the DS one should since it's a remake.

Scratch that I think all of those Resident Evil entries should be on one page. Each of those individual games don't offer enough additional content in order to warrant a separate page.

I wouldn't know what the general thought of separate entries should be. It's kinda on a case by case basis I think.

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It's kinda on a case by case basis I think.

I think that is the general thought.

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@crankystorming: The RE remake is NOT included in the PSX original game's page. Someone just messed up big time and added the GCN releases for no reason because they didn't bother looking for the actual page of the GCN remake (which has and deserves its own page).