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I just clicked the button that says "I'll work on this soon." So, I started editing, and when I'm finished, I'll submit it (of course.) But I have below 1,000 points, so I'm asking: Should I wait until my submissions is approved before I close the task, or can I just say that I'm done before it's approved? If I say that I'm done before the submission is approved and the person who assigned the task sees that, will it look like I did nothing?

#2 Posted by JJWeatherman (14575 posts) -

I think you can just click that you are finished with the task even if your edits are awaiting moderation. All the mods can see that stuff so it should be OK.

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If you "finish" a task without making any edits, the closing moderator will probably realize that your submission is in the queue. Other non-moderators may not realize though, and might make their own improvements to the article while your submission is pending, making life difficult for everyone. But there's really no way around that possibility until you have enough points. Marking the task as finished probably is your best bet to ensure other people don't try to add their own improvements in the interim.

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We get a notification if any submissions are in the wiki queue for a certain task so don't worry about it.