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By which I mean Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. It's the official title for the new console port (including PS4 & XB1) of Diablo III, only it'll also include the Reaper of Souls expansion stuff. I ask because it naturally doesn't quite fit in as an alias to Reaper of Souls since that's an expansion, whereas this is a compilation made up of the core Diablo III game & the expansion. It also includes some exclusive features like this Nemesis system where enemies that killed you will then sorta invade players from your friends list.

However, there's also the idea of adding Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition as an alias to the core Diablo 3 game, since... well, I'm still not entirely sure what it takes for a re-release to get its own page.

So, choices:

If it were to be a new page it obviously shouldn't be too detailed; just hafta to note that it's a console compilation and list the few exclusive features it has over the PC and regular console Diablo III version. Also, it's priced differently between generations -- cheaper on 360, PS3.

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I think it should be an alias for Diablo III, which in turn should feature a section about this version of the game.