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I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. Any idea of this is coming out on Steam?

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Evoland was Greenlit and is apparently available on April 4th. The community hub on Steam suggests it's 2-3hours long, price is TBA.

I agree it looks pretty cool, hopefully the era-shifting is a proper mechanic and not just cosmetic; if there's proper depth to the game it could be really interesting.

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I took a chance on this game, and I just finished playing it. It's not really too deep, but it's charming. Part of that relies on having some nostalgia for older JRPGs and Zelda though.

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I just played through it. It is indeed about 3 hours long. Kind of wish there was more to it but I still really enjoyed it. I can't imagine you would like it as much if you haven't been playing games for many console generations now.

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does this have controller support?

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@r3d_zombie: It does have controller support, but it's not flawless. For instance, when I got to the part where you have to push blocks I had to use the arrow keys on my keyboard because using the thumbstick wasn't allowing me to push them.

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The game looked interesting in the Quick Look but if it's only 3 hours long it's a no deal at the current price.