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I played about a bazillion hours of Fallout 3 back in the day and lots of DLC also. For some reason I never got New Vegas. Is it worth picking up on the cheap and playing if I loved 3?

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It was alright

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If you liked Fallout 3, you will like New Vegas as well.

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It's better than 3.

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New Vegas is a much better game than 3 and really deserved to be the numbered sequel, not just the spin-off.

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I've also been looking to play it, just not sure if I want to take on such a massive game. Is it any shorter than Fallout 3? Longer?

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So I ran into the same issue and it took me four different attempts at getting into New Vegas before I got into it. Personally didn't grab me like Fallout 3 did. But if you want more Fallout this is another big wasteland to explore. A lot of people like the story more as well (I didn't really) but my biggest issue was with the forgettable sidequests in New Vegas compared to Fallout 3. Say what you will about the amazing story writers at Obsidian I had no attachment whatsoever to the sidequests in New Vegas, whereas in Fallout 3 I can think of at least 3 right now that were awesome.

So play it if you want more Fallout but I thought on the whole it was disappointing. But from the vibe on these forums I am in the minority for liking 3 more.

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That depends on how you play it, I guess. It probably has about the same amount of content as Fallout 3.

Well, New Vegas doesn't have level scaling, or at least it's nowhere near as prevalent as it is in Bethesda's games. This means that it might be impossible to just rush through the main quest because you haven't done enough side stuff to level and gain new equipment; the game definitely expects you to look around and spend some time in the world and not just rush through it.

I haven't completed it, though, so I may be completely wrong.

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Yes, it was made by the guys who made the first two and the story connects to those much better than 3.

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Yes. It was written by people who actually know how to write, so it's much better in my book.

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I find it a superior game to Fallout 3 in pretty much all aspects, so yes.

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your'e just in luck because by right about now the game has probably almost been un-fucked and the modding community has done a ton of really cool stuff for it. the writing is great of course and sometimes very funny.

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I thought it was way better than Fallout 3. A more interesting setting and dungeons, better dialogue, better story, and it's got the ability to look down iron sights, which while not essential, is a really nice addition, especially if you weren't too crazy about VATS like me.

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Sure. The problem I had was that I played it while Fallout 3 was still fresh in my mind. So I got tired of New Vegas real quick. But if it's been a while dig in dude.

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Play Fallout 3 again instead. Or do what I do;

1. Buy new Vegas

2. Get the Fallout 3 in New Vegas mod

3. Play Fallout 3 in New Vegas engine

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It's one of my absolute favorite games of all time, so of course I say yes.

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Definitely play New Vegas, it is an improvement on 3 in pretty much every way. Especially the writing, it is a *lot* more deep and believable/interesting. It is also much more in line with the tone and lore of the fallout setting laid down with 1 and 2. Fallout 3 was almost a somewhat cheesy morally black and white fan fiction by contrast. You really should give New Vegas a chance.

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You should absolutely play it. I could never get into Fallout 3 but I have finished New Vegas like 4 times.

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New Vegas is a better role playing game. It's a first person Fallout game.

Fallout 3 has more stuff to explore. It's a first person open world shooter set in the Fallout universe.

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Absolutely play it. It's better in many ways than 3. Hardcore mode is especially satisfying.

Old World Blues was a very good piece of DLC, and all the others were decent to good if you want more.

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You get hours upon hours of gameplay with side quests and lots of replay value, especially if you manage to find the Ultimate Edition cheaply online. It was twenty dollars when I saw it at Gamestop. It's a lot better than Fallout 3, especially if you mod it.

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If you loved 3 then totally. I didn't enjoy the story as much as Fallout 3 but the western setting is really cool and there's loads of more fallout-y things to sink your teeth into. Also the faction systems are pretty interesting and the survivalist mode is a cool challenge.

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The story, mechanics, writing and characters are all vastly better than FO3.

HOWEVER, the world is far more bare and boring to just run around and explore. Theres almost nothing in the world thats just there to be explored for the sake of exploring. And with how buggy it can be at at times, you often get scared of exploring places without the proper quests.

Its a great game, it just doesn't do that open world wanderlust exploration stuff very well at all.

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I'm assuming the ones who asked this question here probably figured out the answer of the course of the eight months since this thread's creation.

If anyone else reading this has the same question, however, it's definitely worth playing. I played a lot of Fallout 3, but prefer New Vegas. Even if you don't end up liking it more, it's still more Fallout, so why not?

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Yes, it's miles ahead of Fallout 3.

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I hated 3 with every fiber of my soul, but ended up really enjoying NV. So take that how you will. Also, my holyness senses be tingling and I smell a necromancer around these parts.

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@deadpancakes: So much this. And, in many ways, NV is a bigger and better glimpse into that Fallout universe (especially the DLC). We're getting Elder Scrolls Online...why can't we get Fallout Online too?

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You'll enjoy it. But you may have to force yourself to play a few hours before you get to the really good stuff. I believe the writing is a lot better and there's a lot more strange/quirky questlines and characters if that's what you're into. The only thing that could turn you off is the story. It's less serious and more pulpy so if that's not your thing I'd say skip it.

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Both great games for slightly different reasons. But New Vegas has much more refined mechanics.

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Only with clean faces

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Just like to point out this thread is 8 months old. Anyway Fallout New Vegas is better so yes person who has probably already made their decision.

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Abso-fucking-lutely. My personal game of the generation, I'd say.