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I just dove into this game while waiting for Bioshock Infinite and I have to say I am very impressed. I know the bombers talked this game up (reason that I gave it a shot) but I did not expect to like it this much. Anyone still playing?

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I've tried to get back in to it but i'm just not enjoying it really. The only thing I've found fun has been liberating the enemy bases

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I beat it in a few days (long sessions though) but keep coming back and replaying the base take-overs over and over because they (and hunting) were the best part of the game. My only problem is that, on PC, uplay never connects for me, so I constantly am watching a screen trying to connect to the server for leaderboards for 30ish seconds until it reminds me that it failed almost every time I pause to go to the crafting menu or skills page. The server problems I've had are the only things making me stop really. I also didn't get credit for any of the achievements that award uplay points because of the server issues. Anyone know how to fix that? Google searches only shed light on people having the same issue when the game first released and it was supposedly fixed.

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Check your network configuration, maybe?

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I completed it and got all the achievements within a week and haven't touched it since.

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I got it soon after it came out, beat it, wrote a review, and... didn't touch it again until a few days ago. See, I'd been playing JRPG's, and I needed to get back into the groove of playing a shooter with a mouse and keyboard again before Bioshock Infinite and, what do you know, Far Cry 3 was installed. And it's still a pretty fun shooter. I doubt I'll ever really commit to it again and beat it a second time, at least not in a week or two like I did the first time, but I still thought it was fun and I stand by my review.

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I actually did a second playthrough this week too and it's still great fun to run around the jungle, climbing towers and infiltrate camps. Also discovered some story stuff (the pills in the cave) that I didn't discover the first time, which was sorta illuminating. That combined with remembering the writers comments about the story and the upcoming release of Bioshock set me on to this annoying thought though.

It basically started with AC3 last year being all about american history etc and then the writer of Far Cry 3 meant that the Alice quotes was essential to the game and then finally Infinite again being extremely focused on american history. It made me start to wonder if I'm just being culturally ignorant or if the guys making these games doesn't realize they are selling to a global market. I guess ingraining culture sorta comes with the territory of trying to write deeper stories, but I keep hearing people making connections in these games that just goes completely over my head as I don't have the same cultural roots.

Anyways, that's probably a topic for a different thread :P Far Cry 3 is still great though, heard you were supposed to be able to reset camps etc now, but to be honest I'd rather they added new ones. Part of the charm is discovering the intricacies, not solving the same puzzle over and over.

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Loved the campaign but haven't really had much reason to play it after I beat it. Liberating bases and hunting rare animals started to get really repetitive and boring. The multiplayer servers still sucked the last time I played it too.

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The game is still on my need-to-fucking-play list. Don't know if I'll ever play the multiplayer though.

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Have not touched it since I S ranked it. Infact I traded it in for credit into Infinite.

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yeah, i love it.

i don't have the dozens of hours a week to finish games as it appears alot of people do in this thread. so im still playing through it and think its just amazing.

playing on the PC and its fully maxed out on my 50" TV just a alround stunning game if you ask me.

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Just started playing this over the weekend and I'm having a blast. I love the wanted missions. Feels so cool to sneak up to a spot and take everyone out without anyone noticing. Only thing I have an issue with is te looting. So many times I've accidentally swapped my gun out without wanting to lol.

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I bought it of sale two weeks ago. I'm still on the first island and haven't progressed through much story, but so far I love it!

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Technically I am still playing it, I quit when you get to the second island and I have not got around to finishing it yet,

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I'm only a few missions to the end but only play it on and off. Started Blood Dragon though, so that may get me back into it.

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I loaned it to a friend of mine and just got it back so I popped it in just for the hell of it. And now I'm hooked again....