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Anyone know why there isn't any trial for the game on Xbox Live? I don't think I've ever seen this happen before.

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I dunno...

I was surprised to see there is a demo of it on PSN so that's even more weird then.

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Maybe? It should be noted that Microsoft instituted a policy a couple of years ago where "Silver" members have to wait to get access to demos and trials.

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Is it considered an XBLA game on Xbox Live? If not, than it's DLC and those don't really get demos.

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It's most likely just an error on the backend, and I'm sure the trial will be posted eventually. BattleBlock Theatre had the same issue of the trial not initially being available.

EDIT: I just checked the game's page on, and you can grab the trial from there if the option isn't appearing on the dashboard.

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Sometimes the trial isn't immediately available, especially for silver users.

Also, it might be considered DLC even though it's stand-alone.

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it could be considered a "Games on demand" game. Resident Evil 4 and Crysis are both treated not as XBL games they are actually under the "Games on Demand tab" with other full 360 games if that is the case then those don't get demos.

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Yeah it could be a Games on Demand game.

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It's an arcade game not a Games on Demand game. It's just an error as if you go through you can download the trial from there

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You could also watch the Quick Look Jeff and Brad did if that's alright.

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Not unusual for a demo to be delayed on some platforms just for the developers to figure things out, should be there soon if there's a demo of FC3.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an XBLA release, and a trial is currently available for download.