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Far Cry 4 is announced, and that is fantastic, but honestly what made my day more was this art for pre-ordering the game. Not only the obvious phallic remarks in the way he is holding his gun, but look at that face. LOOK AT IT.

Oh and there are the details about what you get for pre-ordering.

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That is stupid fantastic.

The box art, though...

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I gotta assume a lot of the people who put the promotional art for FC4 is pretty self-aware of how stupid it is.

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When people say this game is pulling a Saint's Row, I'm little skeptical and think it's just because of purple suit guy on box, but this is some solid evidence right here.

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Not a big fan of the cover but whatever, didn't care for BioShock infinite and that game is amazing so it is stupid to judge a game off its cover. My problem is it reminds me too much of SR4s cover, initial viewing of the cover I thought Saints Row 5 was announced or something.

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It's only May, but Best New Character is already getting dominated by Far Cry 4.

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That is pretty damn amazing.

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I didn't mention this before and I do know if that is the person in the picture, but there is a character named Hurk. Hurk.

I never finished Far Cry 2, but did that game get as bizzare as Far Cry 3? Or was FC3 the start?

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I don't really care for it, but that's never stopped me from being excited for a game before.

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This works a bit too well.

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this is fantastic

hope FC4 has some great moments like FC3. that game was amazing. burning the fields, that elevator scene, the opening, most of the cave scenes, so much good stuff.