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I don't know why this "Beer" character feels he's so great. What right does he have to call Fish and Blow ass holes while he admits to being one himself? That's being a hypocrite. These guys are just not properly equipped to deal with the level of attention that they are receiving. Beer was completely trashing on Fish and Blow during that Invisible Walls video. He was displaying the same kind of immature behaviour that he was criticizing "BlowFish" for. Why do people have to jump to such extreme conclusions and judgements? Does Phil have trouble censoring himself online? Could he handle his public image better? The answer to both is obviously yes, but that doesn't mean he's a bad person. Just because the guy has trouble ignoring internet trolls doesn't make him the devil. Just because he has trouble dealing with all the attention he gets, doesn't mean he should be written off as a "tosspot" and forgotten until we feel the need to insult someone.

I, for one, really enjoyed Fez. It's a beautiful looking and sounding game with tons of secrets to find in its huge, unique world. I truly hope Phil decides to reconsider his decision, and continues work on Fez 2.

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BlowFish are holes in an ass. They make video games. People talk about video games. We play holes in an ass.

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Going to lock this one up. There are already two or three threads discussing this issue.