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Apologies if this contravenes any kind of form rules, and I don't work for Squeenix, honest!

But there's limited 1200 print run of the Final Fantasy VII OST on Picture Vinyl up on the EU Squeenix store RIGHT NOW! If you're still looking for a Christmas present, or some ebay fodder.

It's also up on the JP store, but not the NA store, alas...

Now let the debate of digital vs analog Cosmo Canyon begin!

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I have no way of playing this but... well... damn. maybe.

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hmmm, on vyinyl you can record around maybe 16 or 12 tracks, those FF7 CD back in the day were just filled to the brim with tracks. Probably be best of 10 songs. And none of those small towns BEOOP BOOP BEEEEWWWOP BOOP stuff that's ridiculious

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Here's the track list.

Looks like 2 LPs, 49.99 euros. For the record (no pun intended), the website calls them discs, not me.

Disc 1

  • The Prelude
  • Opening - Bombing Mission
  • Tifa´s Theme
  • Let the Battles Begin!
  • Turks´ Theme
  • Under the Rotting Pizza
  • Fight On!
  • The Chase

Disc 2

  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
  • Farm Boy
  • Electric de Chocobo
  • In Search of the Man in Black
  • Rufus´s Welcoming Ceremony
  • Gold Saucer
  • Cait Sith´s Theme

Disc 3

  • Cosmo Canyon
  • Lifestream
  • Cid´s Theme
  • Wutai
  • Win/Place/Show Chocobo!
  • Words Drowned by Fireworks
  • Forested Temple
  • Aerith´s Theme

Disc 4

  • Shinra´s Full-Scale Assault
  • The Highwind Takes to the Skies
  • Birth of a God
  • One-Winged Angel
  • The Planet´s Crisis
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Well fuck. Can't buy it in the US it says. Thanks for the heads up tho.

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There's a bit of an "unboxing" here, as I know how much the internet loves those.

Loading Video...

As for not being available to buy in NA, seems there are already a few on ebay you could feasibly import, if you're desperate to get ripped off.

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ugh im going to drive myself crazy over this "nah nah nah nah nah you can't have it" bullshit they are pulling. feels like hyrule historia hysteria all over again....

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Needs more Sending a Dream Into the Universe. Cool for people who are into this stuff! And by this stuff I mean records and FF7. Congratulations those people, your day has come.

Been seeing alot of vinyl talk lately. I may have to look into them and see what all the fuss is. I've only used them as a kid at my grandparents' home to play Chipmunks records.

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My first thought was "How many records is it going to take to fit the entire OST?". The CD version is 4 discs, all pretty much full. But I see it's just a selection of tracks, not the entire OST? Looks really cool, but I'm not in a position to spend £44.99 on something that just looks cool. I don't even have a record player hooked up, so I couldn't even play it.

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Well I bought one to sell off on ebay at a later date, but now it's here... I'm kinda attached to it... Goddammit.

Anyway, I placed my order before I made the post and got number 352, if you want to try and work out how quickly they're selling. (Post went up just after they opened it up for sale).

I have a fairly good turntable setup and home, and for picture discs, they don't sound too bad at all (maybe I just got lucky). There's very noticeable fuzz between tracks, and one or two tracks were a bit poppy, but the majority of mine were very clean. Now I should probably resist the urge to play them more...

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@mwng: order one for me??? please???

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I really want one of these! I got back into collecting vinyl (old and new) recently since I have a turntable in my office at work. I am desperately trying to find someone I know in the UK in order to get this and ship to the US.

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DAMNIT, all sold out I bet.. Damnit.