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I've been stockpiling on all the available gear in the game. In the back of my mind I vaguely recall needing to hold on to gear so it can be used for something else.

Please, tell me that I'm crazy so I don't need to keep buying gear that I don't need and can get rid of everything. Or keep hoarding and have it all pay off. I just need to know.

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I'm still buying everything, so hopefully someone out there knows the answer. Can't find it on google.

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I think you might be crazy. You can customise weapons and armour but you'll get better weapons to upgrade and the upgrades use items, so stockpile items instead.

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I don't recall any reason for that, unless its some weird side thing I never did.

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That's something from XIII, you may be mixing them up if you have played that. In XIII you use old weapons to make better weapons (some) and some of the best weapons in the game require that you save pretty much everything you've ever come to hold.

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I think ff9 had that synthesis thing later on if I'm remembering correctly, but I don't recall 10 having anything like that, dont quote me on that though.

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No reason in X to keep them. Sell those suckas.

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Yeah you do not need to keep weapons, except the ones that you find useful. You can recreate every weapon yourself through customization anyway. It might take some material grinding to get the materials you need for the upgrades, but you can do it.

As for Celestial Weapons (the ultimate weapons), they can only be obtained through side activities/quests and I'm 99,9% sure you cannot sell them.