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Not sure what im doing wrong here but i seem to be stuck in FF if I decide to play it, as in there is no way out. My ps3 button for my game options just gives me a giant red X on the screen and there is no option to leave the game. Which means if i want to quit the game and play another game I have to restart my PS3. I must be missing something?

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If you want to exit whilst in-game, just navigate to the main menu (Start) and either log out or exit game under the System tab. If you mean updater/ launcher, keep your finger pressed down on the home DualShock home button and select 'exit game'.

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Yeah, you have to hold the home button, you can't just push it like you can with every other game.

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I noticed that too, logged out and was stuck on the launcher with no way to quit lol, had to hold the PS button in until i had the option to quit out completely.