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So much fun, great pictures. I would've been more talkative, but 16 player chatter was insane enough between you guys that already knew each other. Would love to see video of you falling onto my hood, I def lol'd just seeing the picture.

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@gnarlycore: Definitely don't be afraid to jump into the chat! I joined Race Night around the 1 year anniversary, you'll figure out the flow of conversation pretty quickly; although the crosstalk was pretty insane last night.

@PsEG: Nice shots! Also, I beat slowbird's clean lap on Camino from that race I won last night. I feel vindicated.

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Sorry I didn't make it last night guys. I've been behind on sleep all week, and I dozed off just before 10:30 last night. I'll be there next week though. Can't wait!

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I know this is the 4za forum, but I don't think anyone is going to go back to the 3za (I mean Forza 3) forum now, and I wanted to seal up the old Race Night with one last video. No editing, no transitions, just raw uncut clips of maximum ridiculousity. In case you guys weren't sure what to expect from Race Night, this should give you a glimpse of it. (And that glimpse involves me driving way too aggressively most of the time.)

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So, I just got the achievement Daily Rewards, which description is, "Visit the Message Center on at least five unique days." But... the game hasn't even been OUT for five days. O_o

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@ShaggyChu said:

So, I just got the achievement Daily Rewards, which description is, "Visit the Message Center on at least five unique days." But... the game hasn't even been OUT for five days. O_o

I told you, it's Greenwich Mean Time. Obviously. :P

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@slowbird said:

@ShaggyChu said:

So, I just got the achievement Daily Rewards, which description is, "Visit the Message Center on at least five unique days." But... the game hasn't even been OUT for five days. O_o

I told you, it's Greenwich Mean Time. Obviously. :P

Yeah, it definitely doesn't seem to change 'days' at what would be midnight in any US time zone.

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so the Tbolt takes the Ford Stock Car engine.... i think there's potential here for some retro nascar racing...

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So I couldn't connect last night, and I had work to do for the rest of the night, so I missed out on the first 4ZA Race Night. Hopefully I'll be able to join you guys next week.

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@wrathofconn: nice. jiust got one of these puppies. i should do something with it but it's not old or american...

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@pakx said:

@wrathofconn: nice. jiust got one of these puppies. i should do something with it but it's not old or american...

That one won me a race on Thursday, and it takes a pretty fast car to make up for the skill and assist gap between me and the other regulars, so maybe give it a shot!

Somebody asked what I was driving, and from second place Jugnutts said, "I don't know, I can't get close enough to see."

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So I just realized an awesome track for multiple reasons. So with the new World Tour mode we know that there's a big gap between Europe and Japan. I think Abu Dhabi would be freaking GREAT for Forza. Not only does it fill out the track location problem, but it's a very unique looking track and would look amazing given the new lighting system. Of course that means we need night racing as well, but... yeah. Next Xbox?

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Missed last Thursday night. To much going on here. Will try to make it next Thursday for sure. Looks like it was a success though.

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So the AI makes R2 and R1 class races stupidly difficult. I'm not so much saying the AI is always harder in these races. They're the same the have been throughout the game (in other words, pretty fucking terrible). It's... a combination of things. To start off,

  1. You get placed in the middle or back on the starting grid
  2. Cars in front of you are slow on the front stretch off the line, or straight up crash in front of you

The combination of these two things make the highest class races harder than they should be. Why? Well, the obvious one is that I'm being held up in a big way by these fucking stupid, shitty AI cars in front of me. I find myself needing to restart multiple times in order to get a good start and around the slow AI before the first turn.

This then causes another problem. In the R2 and R1 classes, the chances of me and the top three AI racers using the same car (or a similarly spec'ed car) is nearly 100%. Combined with the fact that I'm slowed down at the start, I can't catch up very fast because my car is identical to fucking Rossi (or whoever the Asian or European driver is).

Also, the top two AI is fucked on a scale that I haven't taken notice to in the previous two Forza games. First off, catching up to them is insanely difficult. Make jokes all you want, but I'm a competent Forza racer, and there's absolutely no pressure in single player. But on multiple occasions now I have needed to literally dive bomb the second place car in order to catch up (I'm so good at it now that I almost never damage anything internal). I might not have this problem if I didn't have a shitty starting spot, AI in front of me slowing me down, and the top two AI being set on perfect (something I can't change because Turn 10 has needlessly taken this option away from the player).

But what sets me over the edge is that once I have passed the second place car, the first place car pretty much moves over for me a few turns later. WHAT HAPPENED TO BEING SO PERFECT?! After I've passed both of them, THEY'RE NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. I get that far out ahead of them.

TLDR; The AI in Forza 4 is fucked in a way that I have never seen before.

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Just sent a request to the club, I think.  
Gamertag: Evpatoria 
Don't know how often I'll be able to partake in live events, but maybe I'll gift cars or something crazy like that to some of you nice folk.

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@ShaggyChu: I haven't done many R1 or R2 races yet, but Keval and I agreed today that the AI is weirdly aggressive about keeping their line. I mostly just have fun watching them get into dumb accidents, but I could see how that stuff would get annoying if they were using the same cars as you.

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Speed is currently showing A FUCKING GOD DAMN MOTOCROSS RACE instead of pre-race for the Korean GP.

Fuck. This. Station.

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@ShaggyChu: Yeah I've had similar issues with the AI in this game. It's a little weird how they handle it now. I feel like I have to cheese it a little and drive dirty only because the AI are. I have AIs stick to their line like nothing else and don't let me pass even if I'm going like 50mph faster than them, and would literally annihilate their existence in a real life collision.

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gonna build a Sierra Cosworth tonight. it will be fast. and ugly.

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RIP Dan Wheldon.

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Guys, I'm sad to bring you the news that Dan Wheldon passed away today in this horrific crash.

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As perturbed as I am over the circumstances that Dan Wheldon had to go through to even get a ride for this race (as the defending Indy 500 champion, no less), this was just another example of the heartbreaking tragedy that comes far too often with the risks of auto racing. With all the safety in the cars and tracks these years, it's often a little too easy to forget that these are men and women braving unimaginable speeds for the sake of competition and entertainment.

Perhaps the most somber end to a reckless season, with a twinge of hope and promise for the future. I hope the new IndyCar chassis bears Wheldon's name in some aspect.

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Guess the drivers were right to be worried about this track. I haven't watched a ton of IndyCar recently, but I don't remember seeing anything quite that bad even when I was younger.

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I'm kinda surprised, and almost offended that ESPN hasn't stopped Baseball Tonight in order to talk about this.

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@ShaggyChu said:

I'm kinda surprised, and almost offended that ESPN hasn't stopped Baseball Tonight in order to talk about this.

It's sort of a running joke among us IndyCar fans that ESPN would rather show the National Spelling Bee than anything remotely IndyCar related. Im sure it'll be on Sports Center, which would be a first in a while.

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@FrankCanada97: Yeah, ESPN awful when it comes to anything outside of the NASCAR cup series, and the Indy 500. As much as I've been hating the station lately, I've got the Speed Report on right now.

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ESPN just sucks in general. Their analysts and TV commentators are sub par at best, and their reporting is even worse. Something like the death of Dan Wheldon should be top news, but it's not surprising to see ESPN is putting other, less important news before it.

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So I was really disappointed with the Mitsubishi Starion at first. Based on Top Gear Season 6, episode 2, I thought it would be awesome.

Turns out all it needed was a bit of mild tuning, and now it is AWESOME!

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@matt_wickstrom: Actually, the MNF crew is pretty awesome. I really like Jon Gruden.

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@Keval_N: oooh. what class is it now? what did you do to it? tell me these things!

still working on the Cosworth. pics soon.

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@pakx: It's still D class. Just played with the tire pressures, and put in anti-roll bars and adjusted them. I think I had to take something out to get the PI low enough for the roll bars, possibly a drive shaft

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RIP Dan Wheldon.

It's always heart-wrenching to see anyone die right in front of your eyes but, even more so when they are doing something for the entertainment of others. I would like to think that Dan went out doing what he loved and I'm thankful that he was the only fatality yesterday it could have been much worse.

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RIP Dan Wheldon, glad I got the opportunity to see you race in person.

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I was hoping to make it to race night, but had to work a bit late Thursday so I was still working out ala Biggest Loser while you guys were sending invites - talk about the penthouse and basement. The pictures look amazing, I'm trying to get the all clear from the future Mrs. J3ffro so I can try to join the next one, I've been focusing on racing clean all weekend so NOT bashing into you guys becomes instinctual...

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it's done!
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@ShaggyChu said:

@matt_wickstrom: Actually, the MNF crew is pretty awesome. I really like Jon Gruden.

MNF crew is good. I tend to watch mostly college football on ESPN, and their announcers for that (whomever they are) all suck. There are a few exceptions of course, but I could do a better job calling a game than most of them.

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So I forgot to make this video public. Good news, everyone! Videos exported from Forza 4 can go straight on YouTube now!

That is the Bugatti Veyron being launched from last week's Race Night.

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To infinity, AND BEYOND!

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Anyone know why I just got these?

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hot damn. will have to see if i got them too... i sure hope i did. maybe the twitter thing?

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to my knowledge i have not recieved any pretty shiny new things.

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@pakx: I have no knowledge of this twitter thing you're talking about, so I doubt it's that. I think it has something to do with the auction house, I've been raking in mad credits by auctioning most of the level reward cars I get, so maybe I hit a certain threshold and got a reward for that? They also sent me one of the RX-7 unicorn cars, but without the fancy paint that came with the Forza 3 one.

I had just finished tuning the Joss JT1 I got as a reward car when this stuff showed up, and of course the design is super locked-down, so I just imported the setup from my old one and auctioned it off for another 450,000. Feels good man.

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ahhh that could be it. i never do the auction stuff. maybe i aughta. hmm..

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I dunno what time this starts at tomorrow, late I know.. but I'll be there unless I forget.

Think it's something like 3am so don't be expecting me to talk much

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@wrathofconn: they sent me all kinds of stuff in F3 when I have the collectors edition/VIP status, that would be my guess.

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Can't make race night this week :( I'll be in Vegas :)

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@Jugnutts: God... damn it...........