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@JohnLocke said:

That is completly reasonable to me, just so I know, will we get any warning if we are about to be kicked (I ask as I would love to stay in the club but with some of the big games coming around I am unsure if I will have plenty of time to get my level up in Forza 4).

But that aside, kudos to you for keeping this club going and making the Forza experience for users such as myself more enjoyable.

Generally I don't give advance warning to potentially inactive users, because I feel it'll cause more forced than genuine activity in Forza. I envision that in such a situation, the majority of users informed would quickly jump in Forza, gain a level or two, and then return to whatever games they were playing, content that they'll stay in the club for another few weeks. I don't have any problem with users doing this right now -- after all, I can't really tell -- but with the added prodding of a warning message, I think it could get to the point where barely active members make the wait extremely long for people who want in.

I do send a message when someone has been removed from the club, but obviously that's a bit late for the circumstances we're discussing here.

Another way to keep up on your club status is through the roster file I have on Google Docs. The more red highlighting by someone's gamertag (brighter being worse), the more likely I am to look further into their Forza activity to see if they've done anything recently at all when it comes time to boot/invite.

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Hey, if any space frees up, i'd love to join you guys in this group. My Gamertag's the same as my Username: TheOtherFreeMan. I've been playing Forza 4 pretty heavily over the last couple of weeks, so inactivity shouldn't be a problem. As you all are fully aware, Forza 4 is an awesome game and I figure the only way it could become more awesome is if I can enjoy it with all of you fine gentlemen here at Giant Bomb.

Plus, I bought the Season Pass/November Speed Pack, so I have access to the Aventador Rivals Event too. See? I can be useful. :)

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@PsEG: What does the percentage represent?
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@Jugnutts said:

@PsEG: What does the percentage represent?

The percentile's essentially your rank in comparison to the rest of your club. Think of it as "My driver level is higher than ___ of the club."

Sure, the same could be surmised from level alone, but Google Docs limitations don't let me easily apply conditional formatting based on a driver level being in the bottom 15% or below 1 standard deviation of the club average. That column's a slight workaround that still lets me utilize conditional formatting to some extent.

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@PsEG: Makes sense.
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Just got Forza 4 and the season pass. Would love an invite whenever a spot is available.

Gamertag: Sixty Ton Angel


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Just a heads-up to everyone that I'm planning to start a new round of removals and invites tonight. Looking at a turnover of roughly eight right now, pending final confirmations of inactivity.

The waiting list stands at 31 people. Anyone who asked to join in October and is still active should keep an eye out, though we might finally get to a few of the November requests.

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I finally managed to dicifer the captcha and signed up here! Can I be a member of this club? I'm not a premium member tho (I'm cool) but I am level 70 in FM4 and a very fast racer. Top 100.

I will eventually finish every event. Also bought Season Pass and ima huge fan of Jeff G.

Gamertag: IvIxANTHMANxIvI

PS: I'm Canadian.

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just dumped a buncha cars into the shared lobby. just a note - the A600 impala is a DRAG RACER. don't be hitting the kaido in it, it doesn't do turns unless they're gradual and to the left.

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Fair notice to everyone again. Since the invites I sent out to fill three open spots remain outstanding, it's time for more invite FRENZY. At least four more users will receive club invites tonight to try and bring us back up to 100 before the next wave.

Please note that as of right now, anywhere from 7-14 invites to the GB club are out in the wild. If you attempt to accept an invite and get a message saying the club's full or the invite expired, please delete the stale invite and, if you could, send me a message (or post in here) letting me know. That will put you next in line for a fresh invite.

If you leave an invite to the Giant Bomb car club sitting in your inbox, Forza will tell me when I try and send a brand new invite. I take this to mean you haven't played any Forza since my initial invitation unless told otherwise, which hurts your chances of getting into the club quickly.

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Seeing as I have so many games to play, and my brother currently has my Forza 4, I'd Like to be removed from the club please.
I know there are others that could use my spot, and honestly... the only benefit I get from being in the club is comparing leaderboard scores, as the time difference makes race night a pain in the arse to attend.

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@RandomHero666 said:

Seeing as I have so many games to play, and my brother currently has my Forza 4, I'd Like to be removed from the club please. I know there are others that could use my spot, and honestly... the only benefit I get from being in the club is comparing leaderboard scores, as the time difference makes race night a pain in the arse to attend.

A few members have requested this over the last few weeks, and while I totally appreciate the considerate gesture, I'm going to hold off for the time being. Here's why:

  • There are lots of users who have been far more inactive than anyone who's made this request (by weeks, no less). I think those users should be removed first to make room in the club, since they're typically even less likely to start playing Forza again. In your case, there's currently about 30-34 people I'd boot before you.
  • Of the 25 people still on the waiting list, 16 have invites sitting in their message center that they haven't touched at all. I'm planning to send at least one invite a day from here on out until everyone who's asked has an invite pending, but it's looking very likely that only a handful of new people are going to be joining the club in the near future (unless a bunch of users take advantage of the Black Friday deals on Forza).

If enough people accept invites and you end up being one of the most inactive through the turnover, then I'll gladly comply. Otherwise, I see no problem with you being idle in the club for a while.

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@PsEG: Ok that's good to know, didn't want to be preventing someone more dedicated from getting in and was expecting a "you have been booted" message any day now lol.   
I will get back to Forza soon enough, Skyrim is almost getting boring now, a change is needed.
It's also good to know that there won't be many new people, I want to learn all your tricks, maybe win without cheating for a change.
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It's great to have so many people to compete with in Rivals Mode. This feature more than anything has helped me improve my lap times and my understanding of my cars' limits.

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@PsEG:What are the rules for sharing cars in the Club? Noticed you removed some of the cars that were added, put in a few of the gifted cars I got from Turn10.


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@eXists said:

@PsEG:What are the rules for sharing cars in the Club? Noticed you removed some of the cars that were added, put in a few of the gifted cars I got from Turn10.


In that case, it was completely unnecessary to share stock versions of cars, even if Turn 10 gifted them to you (and in all fairness, many of us received those Forza 3 import gifts). The club garage function is only useful in multiplayer, Rivals mode, and leaderboards, and in all of these cases you can already select stock versions of any non-unicorn car. To keep the club garage selection uncluttered and relevant, I went through and removed the cars that appeared to be stock.

It's not a hard-line rule, but we prefer cars that have been upgraded manually by the user to the peak of one of the PI classes (with exceptions for cars spec'ed for drag, drift, or a weird rivals event). Aside from stock vehicles, we tend to discourage auto-upgraded prize cars. Forza will automatically upgrade prize cars you select when leveling up, and it almost always does a crappy job of it, favoring power over any semblance of control. Unless you find a really well-tuned dominant beast through there, that's another situation where you might want to hold off sharing on a whim.

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Forza 4 arrived yesterday! If any space comes available, sign me up! GT: SharpShotApollo

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Right. I've sent an invite to SharpShotApollo above. This is the beginning of a change in our invitation policies for the club.

Of the 24 users currently on the club waiting list, 22 have received club invites. The two users that haven't received invites last played Forza 4 on October 22nd, as far as I can tell, and that would make them inactive enough to be kicked out of the club they're not in yet to make room for more active users.

Given that so many invites have gone unaccepted or unaddressed, I'm considering the waiting list dealt with for the time being. While I'll keep tabs on them for a little while longer, here are the users that need to take further action if they still want in the club.

Users That Didn't Stay Active or Accept an Invite

  • TobyD81
  • Sitoxity
  • Trappeys
  • ModerateThreat
  • Sixty Ton Angeltotally cashed in his invite
  • JCHenderson
  • SamFo
  • JMoney156
  • TwelveDiamond64
  • zombienutz
  • merica bro
  • ImSamuel
  • Its TO THE MAX
  • shatteringlast1
  • xElement 180x
  • TheOmegaPirate
  • Akuma1989
  • Dietrich IV
  • Masked Plague
  • Mouth Feel
  • JerBeep
  • Pope Ramone

If you are one of these users, you probably haven't touched Forza in a while. You might even have a very dated club invite sitting in your message center! If you plan to start playing again and still wish to join our club, you should let me know, preferably by posting in this thread. Otherwise, feel free to go about playing Skyrim or whatever, and I'll get the picture soon enough.

Now that I've addressed that, here's how invites are going to change:

New Invitation Policy

  • tl;dr: Users looking to get in will have minimal wait time compared to the last month or so, and inactive users, starting with the most inactive, will only be booted when someone requests to join. No more waves of removal/invites.
  • EDITED: The next invite accepted will lock the club at 100 members, which means I won't kick anyone else until I receive a fresh request to join. This means that any outstanding invites afterwards won't work, since the club will be full, and a new request to join will be required. I'll post when this happens.
  • The inactivity threshold will be increased to 25 days.
  • Whenever someone requests an invite to the club, after I verify his or her details, I'll investigate the least active members (all below that 25-day threshold) and pick one for removal. That inactive user will be removed ASAP, and the person looking to get in will receive an invite immediately afterwards.
  • I may investigate obviously inactive members and queue them up for future removal ahead of time. Once that's done, the only way I'll notice activity is if the member gains a level, so if you're under level 30 (or worse, under level 10) and haven't played for at least a month, keep this in mind if you want to show that you're active again.

That should be pretty basic.

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It's amazing how your very active with general club housekeeping @PsEG, my last club were mostly comprised of inactive Skyrim players. Question: does the GB car club get unicorn cars from Turn 10 to give away to its members? I want those Nissan's!

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@AnThMaN said:

Question: does the GB car club get unicorn cars from Turn 10 to give away to its members? I want those Nissan's!

Fuuuuck, I wish. As it stands, we've only grabbed Turn 10's attention twice, when our first year anniversary was retweeted by a few big names on Twitter and when we flooded Brian Ekberg's Twitter account demanding he talk more about Forza 4 during an E3 Bombcast this year.

I don't think Turn 10 gifts unicorns to any club, especially since they're not able to be regifted, but certainly nothing's stopping us from sharing a unicorn to the club garage if we end up getting some of the rarer cars.

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Just got the game. I'd love to join the club!

GT: spree4567


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...and with spree accepting his invite, we're staying at 100 members until I receive new requests to join. No more hovering around 97-99 members for weeks on end, hopefully.

Because of this change, if you find you have an invite sitting in your Forza inbox, chances are very good that it will not work. You will need to contact me over Xbox Live or post in this thread so that I can open up a spot for you and send a fresh invite.

Just repeating myself in case anyone missed it. Thanks, everyone!

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Well, I too just got Forza 4. I go by Geveeso on LIVE and will be on quite a bit starting in a few days. I'd love a spot once there's chance.


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Haven't played Forza in ages because of uni work and other games getting in the way, logged on for the first time in ages and I'm still in the club which is really nice, thanks for not kicking me!

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Son of a . . . after Forza II and Forza III and all the other racing games, I was going to swear off racing sim games from now on to concentrate on other stuff. And then Amazon had to go selling Forza 4 at half off and drag me right back in!
Anyway, would love to join the club and race a bit and get my ass handed to me. I'm Branthog on 360 (and everywhere else for that matter).

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Looking to join the club, would love to race with the Giant Bomb community!

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If a kind soul could go to my storefront and buy my vinyl group so I could get the achievement, I would gladly reciprocate.

My GT is also Kingloo. Just think! You'll get the achievement as well AND a basic skull and crossbones I drew.

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@Kingloo: I just bought it. No need to reciprocate!

@Branthog: @cojack426: Invites are sitting in your Forza inboxes. I've only left one spot open at the moment, so the slower of you will likely get a message asking for a heads-up the next time you're in Forza so I can open up another spot.EDIT: Disregard that last part, there's a new spot open for cojack. The speed at which Branthog accepted his invite after this post was blindingly fast!

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@PsEG: Thank you!

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Hey PsEG,

Especially with the club group stuff, I want to participate in this whole Forza thing!

My gamertag is IgnisPhaseOne, and I just got Forza 4. I played a bit of Forza 3 too, but couldn't make it to thursday night Race Nights. (Still can't actually. *sad*)

I just want to participate, and I assume playing is a good way to participate!

Thanks in advance!

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@IgnisPhaseOne said:

I just want to participate, and I assume playing is a good way to participate!

It's the very best way to participate! You should have an invite in your Forza inbox.

This seems like a good time to clarify to everyone: You don't need to participate or care about the Race Night shenanigans to be in this club. You just have to be a Giant Bomb user who wants to roll with other duders!

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I would like to join the club my gamertag is senrat

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I need more rivals on my list. Only one dude on my friends list plays so I'd like to get in the club since I've been having fun with the rivals mode. I've got a couple days worth driving so far and I'm level 95 or something. I'm going for the S-rank but man, it's pretty rough, talk about a war of attrition.

Gamertag: Vaportra1l

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Hi just got the game. Huge Forza fan. Would like to join the club. Thanks.

Gamertag: KingOfTheR0de0

p.s Those last two o's are in fact zeros.

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Hey, I got the game a few days ago and I am looking to join the club! Huge Forza fan, and a huge fan of Giant bomb too. I'll do my best to contribute, at the very least by playing a lot of Rivals haha. Let me know if there is any room.

GT: xBloodbathx

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Alright, I finally opened my copy of Forza 4 (it's been sitting on a shelf for the past few weeks awaiting my return), so I'm looking to get into the GB car club. I'm not sure how active I'll be, but at the very least I want to see how all the new social features shape up.

GT: thisisalan


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Looking to get into the Car Club if there is a spot open. I've been kinda waiting to request in to let people find the game and have their fun with it then leave. Gamertag - FishyFatTony

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Just got an XBOX and am super hooked on Forza. Looking to join the car club.

Gamertag: robloJJ

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Turn 10 sent me a '69 Camaro, so I threw some parts on it and it's in the club garage now, assuming that putting our Unicorns in there is still a club initiative.

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@wrathofconn: Sure, if you'd like. A few of the unicorns are going to be more common -- for example, that '69 Camaro's a VIP reward -- but having a at least one of each in the garage is a pretty good idea, IMHO.

On that note, I probably need to fix the club LP640 I screwed up with an AWD conversion...

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Hey, I gave my extra copy of the game to my friend and he really likes it. He wants to join us for Race Night and I figured he would benefit from being in the club so he can use the club garage. His gamertag is Svordan.

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Hey can I re-join this Car Club again? All my friends stopped playing Forza 4 :(...

GamerTag: LLeg3nd

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@IrrelevantJohn: I've fired an invite your way!

@slowbird: I sent Svordan a club invite yesterday, but there's a chance the club might be full when he gets to it, as I'm finishing up my investigation of the next wave of inactive club members to be removed. If that's the case, just give me a heads-up when he's in Forza and I'll clear some space right quick.

#244 Posted by slowbird (1835 posts) -

@PsEG: cool beans!

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Any chance one of you would buy my tune so I can get the achievement? That's the last one I need besides 50 Affinity and the Bucket List.

It's a tune for a Volkswagen GTI MK6, set up for Bernese Alps. That's the easiest way to find it, the file name is j3ffro.

If anyone would like me to return the favor I'd be glad to. :D

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@j3ffro919: Purchased. No need to return the favor!

#247 Posted by j3ffro919 (260 posts) -

Awesome, thank you very much!

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I'd really like to join the club. My gamer tag is AZombieAteMyDog

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I've been meaning to write about how the club's holding up. So! Let's write about that.

How's the club doing, PsEG?

It's doing splendifirific! Or great. Either one of those. The average level in the club just surpassed 57, which means on average, members are receiving money for level-up gifts instead of cars. Heck, 51 of you are twice Jeff Gerstmann's driver level! We also have ten members level 100 or higher, which is just crazy rad.

Right now, about 61% of the club's been active in the last 25 days, which far exceeds my expectations. That activity's been hovering around 60% pretty consistently.

The club garage is also doing well, holding at about half capacity with a decent selection of awesome and/or tuned cars. Aces for that.

With all that good news said, I have one other thing to mention.

Club Ranking Improvement Mission of Boredom and Justice

Anyone who's viewed our roster spreadsheet or this thread's OP in the last few days might already know this, but I've added a spreadsheet to the roster workbook called Club Rankings.

Remember when I talked about improving our club's standing on the leaderboards way back when? We're doing very well as it stands, but if you're bored and want to improve our club's total time rankings, have a look at that Club Rankings tab. It shows our strongest and weakest classes for each race type.

It's currently updated manually, and I'll probably update it once every few weeks at a minimum. There might be some way to update it automatically, but I don't think that's necessary for the time being.

In Summary

We cool, yo. Keep bein' cool.

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Hey duders, I'd like to join your club. Ron Swanson Jr is the gamer tag. Thanks!