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Hello, have started frequenting the site more regularly, so thought I'd post in the forum for my favourite game.

I'm still playing this and have recently been going into the Events List after reaching the end of the main run of races in the Season mode. What really struck me was how few of the events I've actually completed. In fact, how few races I've done overall, despite playing the game fairly regularly ever since it came out.

Admittedly, I don't help myself by playing with full damage, the AI generally on Hard and with rewinds switched off (I think my earnings per race are at about 145%) so I have to re-start a lot of races rather than rewind my way to victory. But I also get side-tracked into little projects like finding every equivalent car of the Renaultsport Clio to create a whole fleet of Clio Cup-style Racers. Or trying to figure out how to do more than basic designs in the livery editor. Those last two possibly explain why my stats for time in menus is stupidly high (well, that and the fact that I tend to play late at night, so sometimes fall asleep between races).

But just look at that events list - pathetic! Do I even like this game at all?

Anyone else willing to post their events list pictures? Anyone sickeningly dedicated enough to have completed the lot?

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I'm in a case of, "so close, yet so far". I've complete 79% of all races, but the ones that are left are the ones I'm least interested in doing. I've got something like 350 hours played of Forza 4, but only 145 of that has been time driving in singleplayer events, according to the Time stats page. Aside from the Porsche events, the only entirely empty column is for the Pro class events, which is all GT2/GT1 cars.

I think the worst events are the World Series ones on the far right, where every race is around 10 minutes long and you have to do each track twice in a row; I'd much prefer if they were just one 25 minute race instead of two shorter ones. Seems unlikely I'll ever completely finish it, but I've been slowly chipping away at it for a couple years now.

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Yea, It takes an absurd amount of time to complete this game. I got about 75% complete and finally broke down and started just hiring drivers for every race I had left while I would play other games on my computer. (really wanted that stupid 80point achievement).

Looking forward to doing it all over again with Forza 5!

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@winsord: Geez, Winsord. You are a machine! I keep looking at your profile in the Car Club, and thinking 'how did he get to level 150?' - I guess now I know!

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i dont think the season mode races always tally up with the event mode because ive had it offer me events on tracks that shouldnt be available, so id do a load of races and it wouldnt mark them off the event list

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I completed all the races in Forza 3 and from what I rememeber it took me well over 150 hours to do it. I was so pissed that they asked me to do it again in Forza 4.

Gosh the endurance events and the world series took so much time to finish, and Forza 3 didn't even have the fun skill races like 4 did :(

Note how it took me over 3 years to complete. Got the game on release day too....

I'm really excited for Forza 5, but if I'm being really honest I'm more excited to see what the team behind Forza Horizon is working on.

(sorry for the terrible quality photos)