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Started playing Forza last night while I was hitting the whiskey pretty hard. Pretty sure I have a drunk drivatar now. So that's my excuse if you see "me" weaving all over the road.

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You must never Drink and Drivatar. It's going to be a whole new MADD, I can see it now.

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I may or may not have ran into you. Some dude took a 90* angle turn off the track.

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Yea, I've seen some drivatars doing some really weird things. Not too often or anything. occasionally one will just veer off track into a sand pit or go ramming speed into my rear bumper.

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I'm seeing more and more Drivatars that behave like high speed battering rams already, it seems to be par for the course...

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OK. Now I have to buy an Xbox One and a few nights worth of alcohol. All to troll the Forza community.