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Hey fellow bombers,

I got my Xbox One this morning (I'm Australian) and promptly added GiantBombing to my friends list. For the last 2 hours I've been playing Forza 5 and GiantBombing has been my rival during races.


Jeff's drivatar is a total nutcase on the road - so much so that I think Turn 10 is gleaming his data from some bumper car game he must have played recently. Whenever I see him in my rear mirror I SHIT MYSELF, because I know at the next turn I'm gonna get slammed furiously and knocked out of the way.

I have traded so much paint with Jeff at this point that I'm pretty sure the game is gonna start charging me to respray my car between races.

If you read this Jeff PLEASE HAVE MERCY, my poor little BMW is no match for your ferocious, maniacal Lexus!

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@barbed_haywire: heh. During Gamespot's launch stream this week, they said the same thing. Jeff's drivatar nearly bumped them off the road. He's a menace!

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Haha, of course it is!

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Menace 2 Society.

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heh, yea, got home at midnight with my day one console and proceded to install Forza 5 and have been following jeff since yesterday (via the iphone app) and immediatly noticed one of the racers I was racing against was "Giantbombing"! And yea, he was a loose canon on the track!

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jeff's drivatar cut me in a back alley last night :'(

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The funny thing is Jeff was shitting on everyone else's DRIVATARSSS but his is the biggest asshole driver of all. Watching the Quick Look it was pretty funny too. He had been implying all the AI was absolutely nuts, especially saying it was smashing into everyone on the first turn, but he was initiating most of the contact.

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There's no evidence yet that the Drivatars mimic the driving of the people they supposedly learn from. They have similar lap times, but the idea of mimicking styles isn't well supported yet.

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There's no evidence yet that the Drivatars mimic the driving of the people they supposedly learn from. They have similar lap times, but the idea of mimicking styles isn't well supported yet.

don't ruin our fun >:(

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Every review of the game I've read makes it sound like everyone's Drivatar is a menace. I guess the system isn't well implemented yet. Either that or it's a bit too sensitive and it's only taking one car to bump with another and all of a sudden, the guy on the receiving end is also now perceived as a "Bumper" in the game's eyes and it's spiralled out of control.

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Scumbag Jeff.

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@sparky_buzzsaw said:

Menace 2 Society.

Shaking my head in disappointment. 2?

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I'm looking forward to seeing how this Drivatar system works. No offense to Jeff, but in the QL it seemed like he was far more aggressive than any of the AI that he was complaining about.

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Jeff's Drivatar is the King of the east side, mark! Stay off the east side! Or yo ass gonna get merced, fool. Jyeah, trick.

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Someone has a video? I wonder if they can show that somehow in the livestream.

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Jeff's Drivatar is the most aggressive and the one most likely to purposely block other drivers from passing him. Just watch the Gamespot stream about 5 minutes in.

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Drivatar seemed like such a joke, but that's pretty awesome.

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I can't imagine using the bumper cam allows for the cleanest racing.

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i love this post so much

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Jeff's drivatar has already run me completely off the track once or twice.

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Well when you see how he played during the quicklook, it makes sense. He looks like he likes to shove. I can't wait to play this game :P

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the power of the cloud is too much, jeff's drivatar has gone rogue and broke out of the grid, it is now wreaking havok all over the internet

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@sparky_buzzsaw said:

Menace 2 Society.

Shaking my head in disappointment. 2?

I see no problem here. Jeff be taking peoples cheeseburgers, man!

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Whenever I see him in my rear mirror I SHIT MYSELF

I don't know why, but this was probably the funniest thing about the entire post. Probably laughed more these past few minutes than I have all week.

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Going off what I just saw in the quick look for Forza 5 it seems like their claim to take real driving patterns and put them into AI is proven to be true. At least in this case. Jeff does drive like a maniac in racing games. Hats of to the team at Turn 10 that really pulled this off.

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Yeah, he's complaining about other drivatars being terrible and crazy but he was often the one causing contact during the Quick Look since he was playing like someone used to being in front of the A.I. after the first 2 corners of a track.

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@barbed_haywire: I was literally about to make this thread, that thing was taking wide turns and ramming other cars all over the place!

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This thread gave me a good 5 minutes of laughter.

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Perfect. this is why Drivatars are both the best and fucking worst thing in the world. I don't even have an Xbox, but I'm so happy to hear that Jeff's AI is insane.

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@smtdante89: Glad you laughed haha, I'm dead serious though - I would panic and try to get out of the way any time I saw him in my mirrors

Relieved to see I'm not the only one terrified of Jeff's terrible driving - let's just say I'm glad you don't have to pay for repairs after a race

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need to get Forza at some point

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Well if you watch Jeff race in the QL or live steam, he does bump a lot of other cars.

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Jeff would be proud.

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Wait, so Jeff is F-8?

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This is the best.

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Awwwwww yeah!

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I think most people drive the same in these games.

Use the other cars to take the corners far too fast.

But I suppose jeffs drivatar has crashed into me quite a lot in the few games I have played.

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He wants to finish you mentally so you wont be able to race anymore and Jeff will be the supreme Forza champion

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@barbed_haywire: I made video proof with Upload Studio!

"Jeff's Drivatar - Giant Bomb.mp4": https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=38CC5CEC4F28BDF7!1324&authkey=!AF-IcRetIuF2vSI&ithint=video%2c.mp4

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I'm disappointed that I came to make this exact joke and was beaten to it, but also proud that it's here.

@sparky_buzzsaw said:

Menace 2 Society.

Shaking my head in disappointment. 2?

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