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They have two domains that point to the same site: http://nextfrictionalgame.com/ and http://somasystems.org/

The site had a static progress bar before but now it seems to be complete.

It recently got updated with a text and this video

Loading Video...

All this came from some tweets from their account:

Anyone can make out the title of the game from that one image?

I am really looking forward to what this is, the world needs more scifi horror games.

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From what I can gather the screen shows a video of someone (her?) in a room. This room almost appears to mirror the one the operator is in except the table in front of them is empty. The person slumps off the chair onto the floor which doesn't alarm the operator at first.. odd. Only when the person begins to move again and start shouting does the operator lose her shit.

My interest is definitely piqued. I do hope it's not just some rogue AI. That is a bit of a tired trope now and while I'm sure Frictional could make the environment scary enough, the premise would be pretty played out.

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@renegadedoppelganger: I don't think it's a rogue AI. A Vivarium is a place to observe plants an animals. So probably that?

Hmm That picture, it looks like the letters/numbers at the bottom are supposed to line up. I never played the games but could it be a new installment in the Penumbra series?

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My interest is certainly piqued.

I hope it's about Space Cthulhu.

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@nictel: Maybe? I'm sort of seeing what maybe looks like a number 2.

Its really hard to make out as actually it's not just some misaligned letters and numbers. Different sections of some characters are copied and pasted (duplicated) throughout, you'd need to piece together whole characters from the bits and then remove the duplicate parts.. Also there are a broken lines underscoring the characters, not sure if that's part of the message or just artifacting. I inputted what I could make out into a more code translator with no success, it's possible I'm seeing things which aren't there though.

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