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So after watching unprofessional fridays last week, I decided to check out that Game of Thrones browser game they were talking about. It seems like some of the quests would go easier if I had some bros to team up with, so I figured I'd come here and see if any of you dudes played this. I play it on the disruptor beam website, not facebook, if that matters.

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Moved this to the proper forum area. For future reference, if you're going to create a thread, please try to post it in a relevant area. Thanks.

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oh sorry, didn't realise there was a whole forum for just this game my bad :P

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@mageemagoo: Actually, it applies to any individual game if that is your topic.

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I tried it, being a freemium kingdom builder game expect myself. I did not like it. It seems like the main hook is the storytelling in the quests, which is a very novel idea in that sort of game, but it does not work. Battles take 20-1hour to finish which means you probably forgot by than. I also just was not enjoying the story that was happening either. There is no good social features, and the gameplay itself is not great.

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@ilikepopcans: I think the quests are cool! As far as social I think after a few levels there starts to be pvp and whatnot? I might be wrong though.