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I've heard mostly disappointing things about this game (i.e. it's more of a tech demo than a proper WarioWare-esque game, etc.) and it really bums me out.

The Quick Look and other places seem to suggest that all the Miiverse stuff is really awesome though.

If this game ends up getting really cheap sometime soonish (like more around $20) or I can find a deal, is it worth it?

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@mormonwarrior: The Miiverse sketch game is easily the best part. If you can find it cheap, it's worth it.

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I've probably enjoyed the Patchwork game way too much, and the Gamer subsection has a separate mode that is just WarioWare. I agree with Jonathan Holmes that if Gamer were an eShop exclusive worth $10 it would be hard not to call a perfect game.