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Heyo duders,

I want to start off some sort of play group for Garry's mod.

You can add me on steam at this link right here!

Seeing as I don't have a strong enough PC to be dedicated to a server, this post will mainly be a list of duders who are looking to play Garry's mod with fellow duders and whatnot.

Later on, we can see about large projects :D Even though I've just been screwing around in the game.

So feel free to post here, see if we can get a group going!

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Well guys, it seems I really am a "newb" at Garry's mod, seems creating a server isn't at easy as I thought. I'll get back to you fine people.

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Yo, @sexytoad! What ever happened to this?! I recently got into Gmod, and I'm very interested in this. Surely, we can still make this happen!