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I know we're all busy most of the time. Most hours from each of our days are occupied either by school, work, families, or other things, like responsibilities to your loved ones, previous engagements, or even having to sleep. Every now and then however, we get a chance to recharge our batteries. Either by vacationing or by doing something else entirely, gaming for example.

Since most of us in this forum, consider our selves gamers, I'm sure we all have more than one game ready for when we get an opportunity like this one, but lets say for the sake of argument that you only have one game. 1 game to play as much as you want or as much as you can through out 1 week. You still have to sleep of course, eat, and tend to those who need you and such, but your primary activity that takes up the most time like work or school will not be present during that week. What game would you play during that week?

Me for example, I have had a few of this opportunities through out the years. The last time I enjoyed a game like this was GTA San Andreas on the PC. Before that it was monster hunter freedom 2 on the PSP. Before that it was Final Fantasy X on the PS2, and before that it was Zelda ocarina of time. I played all those games for 1 week more or less with little else to do during that time, cause of injuries or something of that nature, I've always been an active person. Those games trigger some of the fondest memories I have of gaming.

If I were to get an opportunity like that any time soon, I think I would choose an MMORPG. Maybe WOW, or maybe even a free to play online game. I've tried to stay away from those kinds of games mostly because the moment you cant play you end up falling way behind everybody else. Your party or guild or whatever becomes stronger than you and you can no longer do dungeons or quests that they are planning on doing. I've played a few of these games before. WOW, 2 moons and FLFYFF and even though I went back to each of those games at least once. I simply could not get into them for that very reason. The time requirement on those games is just too big. I enjoy the exploration of a new world - part that those games offer. Butt other than that, well, you know.

So Giant Bomb community. What game would you play if you had a whole week of gaming ahead of you. Maybe a classic like Diablo 2, which can easily last you a week or more if you play with friends, or maybe something recent like Skyrim. Maybe you can play a bunch of COD or Battlefield online, or get back into your WOW addiction or something. You never know when you'll get an opportunity like that, hopefully not due to injuries. So if you do, have a plan just in case. Otherwise you might end up missing out on one of your most memorable experiences you can have as a gamer.

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I've had a few weeks off now for disability, played through shadows of colossus hd, working on persona 3. Played alot of vita games, played some 3d games after buying a 3d tv...Still got another 2 weeks and I don't know what to do. I'm really done with MMO's, and personas 3 dungeon time limit really sucks. I'm spending more time lately watching people play games than actually playing them.

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Fallout New Vegas.

TES: Oblivion.

Civilization V.

Probably one of these games.

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Hmm... Minecraft!

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I've been laid up due to a number of knee surgeries for weeks, in the past up to present, and have played:

Civilization II on PSone

Civilization III, IV & V.

The entire Hitman Series (Hitman: Codename 47 - Blood Money [a couple of weeks])

Alpha Protocol

Sim City; Sim City 2000

The Sims

Crusader Kings I & II

GTA San Andreas (all time favorite GTA)

Max Payne 3 (1 day...then multiplayer for the week)

TES: Oblivion

Tropico Mucho Macho

and others that at this time elude me...

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Dark Chronicle.

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Knee surgery. That sounds awful. I had a bit of knee problems my self caused by sports. Although you seem to be enjoying your self. If the eggs are already broken, you might as well get a pretty good omelet out of it.

Try kingdoms of amalur reckoning. Its kinda like an MMO but with cool gameplay. All the world exploring you can handle. Get well soon(:

Makes sense. Although I haven't gotten into minecraft despite all the good reviews and comments and such. Cant explain why.

Good game. Good choice.

I keep hearing good things about Civ 5. I should play it to see if I'll enjoy it(:

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Team Fortress 2! Gotta get my hats on!

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Right now that game for me has been Skyrim. I've had the last two days off work and that is mostly what I've been doing.

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I would say Morrowind.

It's been a good while since I really had the time to just sit down and play through it in it's entirety. Many, many hours required, especially with it's lengthy expansions.

In fact, I don't think I would even be able to get through half the game in a week . . . even if I hadn't moved from the computer the entire time.

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@narley: Correction, the best game.

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I want to play that now that I've been seeing more and more videos of the Source Film Maker.

I stoped playing skyrim. Because of a stupid white troll that keeps killing me.

My bad(:

It IS a big game, your'e right.

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Crusader Kings 2 or Fallout New Vegas

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Skyrim, I go with something that could take the whole week to finish.

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@narley said:

I want to play that now that I've been seeing more and more videos of the Source Film Maker.

I can't recommend TF2 enough. I put in 1200 hours before it went F2P and I'm somewhere around 1900 hours now. Totally check it out :)

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@SamuraiSeppuku: I'm out from knee surgery too. Got hurt at work and it got massively infected. My job is pretty physical so now I've been having to workout my leg since I lost so much muscle. No way I can do my job for 9 hours a day right now.

@narley: I wanted to try that but it never came up on steam sales. Might check for a disc based version.

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Try to clear out my backlog and then just end up playing starcraft 2 and skyrim

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Tribes Ascend with some music looping in the background. I can just sit and play that game forever for some reason, i've only ever played a little bit of vengeance but this one is just so good and such a time killer

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That happens way too often to every gamer. You play a game you haven't finished yet and you end up playing something else you really enjoy. It happened to me way back when, with GTA San Andreas. Everytime I started playing a game, someway, somehow I always ended up playing GTA SA.

I played a little bit of tribes some time ago. Its fun. Although you have to play it to actually understand why its fun. For some reason its hard to put in to words.

I can see why you would choose new vegas.

Skyrim IS pretty fun. Because of a stupid white troll however I stopped playing. I'm not even that far ahead. I've barely killed my first dragon. I know I'm missing out. But for know I'll try other stuff out and when the time feels right, and I actually have time, I'll go back to Skyrim.

THAT - is a lot of time spent playing that game. Must be pretty awesome though. If I ever get as good as someone who has played for ever 1900 hours I'll let you know so we can play each other(:

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Gothic 2 definitely. It's one of my all time favourite games and is partly what contributed to me getting heavily into gaming in the first place. I have a lot of memories with Gothic 1 and 2 so I would love to go back to it (And will at some point)

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diablo 3

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I in fact do have a month of free time (I still have to work, but without any school, it may as well be a vacation) coming up, and I am prepping myself for a whole lot of FO3, New Vegas, Skyrim, and Gal Civ 2.

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Suikoden II.

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Probably UMVC3?  A week of 24 hours a day practice should yield some pretty good skills in that game.
The thing is, right now I do have a lot of time to play video games, but I find myself still kind of going between a lot of them. I just don't have the focus for a week-long marathon of only one game I think.

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I'm currently playing Planescape Torment, so that one.

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one of the Bathesda RPGs (I like New Vagas the most esp with mods),

an MMO (I'd play WoW and start a new char to see stuff I haven't yet and probably PvP with one of my others)

The multi-player of an FPS (I've been getting into Blacklight, and BF3 recently)

A sim game (Civ5 and Endless Space have used up many of my ideas and before that the Tropico games)

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Starcraft 2 or Civ 5. I tend to go in and out of strategy game phases, but when I do, I play them a ton.

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Dark Souls, since I haven't played till the end yet.

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Any of the Fallouts...except Fallout 3. And BoS and tactics don't count.

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I couldn't focus on one game for an entire week. I've been really liking what I've played of The Witcher so if such a thing were to happen sometime soon, it would be that, but ever since getting a job and a backlog I haven't ever been able to concentrate on one single game for an entire week. I've gotta mix things up, hop between a quiet RPG, an atmospheric shooter, and a multiplayer FPS or something like that.

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DotA 2. Civ and TF2 close runners up.

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Final Fantasy 10 or 12. I really want to replay both of these but i don't want to invest that much time in games i've already played while i still have a massive stack of new games i've barely touched.

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I'm pretty sure X-Com: EU will do this for me, since I've already had a few weeks of nothing but Jagged Alliance 2 and Silent Storm.

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Can somebody put OP's post into something I can understand while I'm drunk? I'm presuming it's like Paper Mario 64 or something.

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I've got two weeks holiday coming up and I'm gonna get through:

  • Amnesia
  • Child of Eden
  • Dear Esther
  • Slender
  • The Polynomial
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Elder Scrolls Skyrim

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Asheron's Call.

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I would probably play through Dark Souls 9 or 10 more times

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I would like to get through Fallout: New Vegas or Kingdoms of Amalur with all the DLCs for both.

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If I had a week off to just play one game, it would probably be one of the following.

  • The Sims - Original none of this generation crap.
  • Minecraft.
  • Skyrim.
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If Persona 4 Golden would be out right now that would be the easy answer. But going with what's out, I'd probably pick an MMO, maybe The Secret World even with it's failings i'm still interested in playing it.

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I would choose Team Fortress 2. The community behind it isn't the run of the mill 12 year olds screaming at you (most of the time) and the experience feels like a new game each time you play a different class with a different load out. Also, hats.

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In your generic situation I'd choose whatever Total War game I fancy. Rome is the go to, but Shogun 2 is shiny and new and I've not yet played it.

I have a couple weeks coming up where I'll have quite a bit of time open for gaming and I plan on playing Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon during this time.

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I'd probably run through Fallout New Vegas again, absolutely love that game. Might actually do the full week of gaming thing once the expansion pack for Skyrim hits. Did 100+ hours in one week when skyrim came out. Also, when Guild Wars 2 comes out.. Easily going to play a few weeks straight. Also got into the Planetside 2 Beta, which means come monday, or whenever.. I'll be on 14 hours a day.