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#1 Posted by manurok1 (191 posts) -

Inspired by the Fallout 3 post.

1. You can pick up items by walking through them.

2. Small Italian gentlemen can pick up giant dragons.

3. Killing an enemy will cause it to turn into coins/health/ammo e.t.c

#2 Posted by carlthenimrod (1594 posts) -

4. Full cooked turkeys found in garbage are safe to eat. (Streets of Rage)

#3 Posted by jkz (4028 posts) -

5. Stay Away from helicopters

#4 Posted by Vision (796 posts) -

6. An injury can be fixed by sitting down.

#5 Edited by TheKidNixon (1564 posts) -

7. Breaking into other people's homes and stealing their valuables is totally acceptable.

8. Sometimes, however, getting caught might make things awkward. Just remember: killing them to keep things quiet is a bad idea.

#6 Posted by The_A_Drain (3910 posts) -

6. Jumping is fucking easy, you fly for miles!

7. The game cannot start until you say yes, John.
#7 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -

10. Embarrased about your *size*? ;) walk into a mushroom then

#8 Posted by Kiemoe (1055 posts) -

9. Dying is just a minor setback

#9 Edited by AgentofChaos (1565 posts) -

11. Killing hookers gives you your money back.
12. Red Barrels Explode!

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13. Going to the bathroom is for pussies.

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14. Crowbars are your friends.

#12 Posted by nohthink (1223 posts) -

14. A little tap on your friend's shoulder will save them from death.

#13 Posted by Lies (3866 posts) -

No matter how many bullets you take, as long as you duck behind cover and wait a few seconds, you'll be perfectly okay.

#14 Posted by lemon360 (1102 posts) -

headshots give your weapons x1.5 multiplyer damage

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@MattyFTM At the very least, I went back and fixed my numbering. Maybe w should make a post and then add in our correct number in edit.

Anyway, back to the list:

20. Some guns actually feel pretty nice.
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Nice one Matty xD

21 is next.

#17 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -

21. being nice to people online makes you a "faggot"

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22: While infiltrating an enemy base, you can alert all the guards and start a massive gunfight, but as soon as you hide for a few seconds they'll simply go into a state of "caution" before finally deciding that it was all just a dream and resuming their regular patrol routes.

23: You can stuff creatures into airtight balls that fit into the palm of your hand and they'll love you for it.
#19 Posted by Canberra (1065 posts) -

Tanks will go faster if you turn the turret backwards and keep firing.

(I love this thread already but I knew I remembered it from somewhere...)

#20 Posted by alsnuts2 (674 posts) -

25. Taking the elevator will (almost) always end in an ambush

#21 Posted by Redbullet685 (6044 posts) -

24. falling from death defying heights, doesnt always mean death

25. Hedgehogs are blue and roll around at super fast speeds.

#22 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

26. War. . . . . . war never changes.

27. You can get a girl to like you by not talking. (e.g. Half-Life)
#23 Edited by TheKidNixon (1564 posts) -
@Vinchenzo said:
" 26. War. . . . . . war never changes."
28. However, war has changed
#24 Posted by damnboyadvance (4060 posts) -

29. Every time you reload, your ammo clip is full even if you discard a half empty clip.

#25 Posted by N3onThr33 (380 posts) -

29. Lightsabers will not always cut you in half in one swing.

#26 Posted by damnboyadvance (4060 posts) -

30. One bullet to the head or any other area won't always kill you.

#27 Posted by JeffGoldblum (3704 posts) -

31.The butt of a gun always does about ten times more damage than a bullet.
32. Before you engage someone in a fight a disembodied voice yells FIGHT! and the word usually appears floating in front of you for a few seconds.

#28 Posted by some1 (202 posts) -

33. Children dont exist

#29 Posted by Jimbo (9814 posts) -

34.  You can escape from any prison cell in under 5 minutes.

35.  If you were caught with a huge arsenal of weapons, the guards will store them safely right beside your cell.  The guards will soon regret this.

#30 Posted by MatthewMeadows (588 posts) -

36. When practicing parkour, always run towards the red highlighted objects.

#31 Edited by JeffGoldblum (3704 posts) -
@some1 said:
" 33. Children dont exist "
37. and if they did it would be impossible to kill them.
38. Lavos is a prick.
#32 Edited by Jeust (10655 posts) -

37. We're special, and we'll eventually change the world.

#33 Posted by sfighter21 (798 posts) -

38.  People become one with the force and disappear when you kill them...

#34 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

39. Shooting people in the head earns you more experience points which can be spent to upgrade your armor.

#35 Posted by Radar (890 posts) -

40. A priest by your side is better than anything modern medicine has to offer. (MMOs)

#36 Edited by Hailinel (24842 posts) -

41.  Consuming painkillers like candy can make you feel good as new without any deadly side-effects.

#37 Posted by Mikemcn (6988 posts) -

42. Always play as a jedi..... ALWAYS!

#38 Posted by Jeust (10655 posts) -

43. The dark side is always with you.


#39 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (4619 posts) -

44.  Throwing a grenade below your feet  is a nice way to a little bit more height out of your jump

#40 Posted by drangel (19 posts) -

45. (THIS IS ACTUALLY IMPORTANT) Repetition is the master of learning. Practice makes perfect.

46. There's always a way. Always.

#41 Edited by snoopeasystreet (108 posts) -

47. Your end goal is always to the right.

48. You are the chosen one.

49. Security guards always walk along a predetermined path.
#42 Posted by MetalGearSunny (6992 posts) -

50. Stay away from fences.

#43 Edited by bwooduhs (1617 posts) -

50.When on a murderous rampage dieing is punishment enough.

#44 Edited by Tru3_Blu3 (3205 posts) -

51. Rocket launchers can fit in your pocket.

52. Your back is magnetic, allowing you to carry a gun on your back.

#45 Edited by Roboyto (80 posts) -

53. If you find yourself engaged in a battle with a huge fleshy virus monster thing, someone will eventually throw you a rocket launcher to kill it

#46 Posted by pirate_republic (1117 posts) -

54. Kids cannot be killed, until they're adults.

#47 Posted by icedturtle (20 posts) -

55. Jumping on someones head kills them

#48 Posted by DarkGamerOO7 (574 posts) -

56: Vehicles blow up when they drive into water

57: Vehicles are left unlocked with the keys in them

#49 Posted by buzz_clik (6975 posts) -

58: Always look behind a waterfall. Most of the time, there's something interesting to be found there.

#50 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18955 posts) -

59. you can smoothly jump into and out of a big haystack without making any mess