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I have not owned a console since the mid 90's. I'm looking to pick up a PS3 because, I really want to play the Uncharted series.

Is a 20g worth $185? Also, would I be able to connect it up to my PC monitor? I'm pretty sure it has an HDMI port.

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no foo. for 200 you can get a 250g slim, on gamestop that is.

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Yeah; not sure if the deal's still going on, but on Black Friday there was a 250gb bundle for $200. If it's gone, it'll probably come back around as we get closer to Christmas, so I'd definitely wait and get that if I were you and you're looking to buy.

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im selling 160gb ps3 slim w/ 12 games (most never opened, still sealed) on ebay since i never really use the ps3 except once or twice.. i sent you pm if you're interested :)

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Many PS3 games require large forced installs. 20gb probably isn't enough.

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If you are only interested in Uncharted series you are good to go. If you get more games you might have to delete saved data or you could just throw in a bigger HD like I did

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That must of been a typo because I don't think they still offer 20GB's..?

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20gbs? Not worth it, part of the reason why buying a PS3 now is a good idea is PS+ and 20gb just isn't enough.

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I wouldn't. Also, just an FYI, the 20GB model DOES NOT have WiFi.

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No, that's a terrible deal. I have an old 40GB model and having so little harddrive space is a major problem.

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The Uncharted series isn't even close to being the best reason to own a PS3. There are a ton of exclusives worth checking out.

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I'm going to have to agree with every other person in this thread: 20GB is not nearly enough storage for a PS3.

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The 20g PS3's where only out at launch and had missing hardware, and probably has a lot of miles on it by now. So unless you really need to play PS2 games on it no, you might as well spend a few extra dollars and get a new slim with a bigger hard drive.

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But couldn't the old 20Gb ones do PS2 BC?

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I would go for the higher hard drive model. Like others have said, a lot of games require installs, which will get old fast. On top of that, if you really get into the system, and end up buying PS+, you're going to starting regretting your decision in record speed.

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Yep, PS+ is an amazing feature for new owners (something like 12 really good games 'free' at the moment), The latest addition Crysis 2 is nearly 20gig by itself though.

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Wait is that an older model? With PS2 backwards compatibility? If it is then it's good pick.