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Hi can you please help me I am looking for the name of the 2 player game of soldiers 1984 - 1991 who wear vests and courmaflage they almost looked like Rambo,not contra they used big guns and grenades, when the time was up at any place they walked into ice and they die, it was a very nice and old game please help.

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Ikari Warriors ?

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I agree with Klei, sounds like Ikari Warriors.

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Thanx guys but it's not Ikari Warriors, I think these soldiers come in a jeep, that game is more advanced than Ikari Warriors but thanx a lot.

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Please help

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Super Contra

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It is not Super Contra, guys I know with your help we will find it.

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Guys please help

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Or Forgotten Worlds? Edit: Well, no jeep in Forgotten Worlds, but I still remember it being an awesome game.

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I still haven't found it but thanx guys, keep on helping me

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Midnight Resistance ?

It's a side scroller and I don't remember any ice stages, but you start the game standing on the hood of a jeep.

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@atom thanx man but it's not this one