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So my plan for 2012 was to play Dishonored and Hitman: Absolution. Those were the games I was looking forward to the most, and the ones I had preordered. But while I was waiting for that to happen I played some Borderlands 2, and turns out, that game is amazing. I put 50 hours into it, which, sadly is roughly 48 hours more than Dishonored. Then, while waiting for Hitman, I tried Forza Horizon, the new XCOM and Halo 4. Also great. When Hitman came out I excitedly played some levels, just to find out I can't really get myself to like it. So I try Far Cry 3, even though I never played a Far Cry game. And that game is probably my FPS GOTY. Anyone else really disappointed by games they thought would be awesome, but pleasantly surprised by stuff they played to pass the time?

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Probably not just that it was surprising but people had their hopes up really high for some games but were disappointed when the games were not the amazing but simple good.

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Kinda, yeah. Many of the games I was looking forward to either did not deliver or were pushed to 2012.

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I wouldn't call this year in particular a surprising one, since expectations kind of differ depending on the person (I, personally, expected Borderlands 2 to be good and Hitman: Absolution to suck), but it sure is a cool feeling whenever that happens.

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I was really looking forward to Dishonored but was really disappointed by it. I have seriously only put in like 3-5 hours on it.

Anywho, I stumbled upon Heavy Rain a few wonths ago and I still love to play it.

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Maybe i'm getting old n stuff, but games have gotten really self involved and over complicated. I think i liked the simpler shit in '12, and probably will increasingly lean towards that stuff.

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No, not really. The only game that was surprising to me was Sleeping Dogs.

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The stuff I was looking forward to was really underwhelming for me (AC3, Borderlands 2, Darksiders 2), while some of the downloadable games were really great. I guess I'm just bored with the sequels and appreciate new, or at least new to me (Hitman, Diablo III, Syndicate, XCom)

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The year of kick-ass downloadables, and some pretty good games, but overall nothing really surprised me.

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The games I enjoyed the most this year were all games that weren't even on my radar back in January: XCOM, FTL, Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja.

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Yes! Dust: An Elysian Tail is one of the best games I've ever played. And there were others, like FTL, too.

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@Fredddi43 said:

Yes! Dust: An Elysian Tail is one of the best games I've ever played. And there were others, like FTL, too.

Yeah hope Dust gets its due in the unfathomable hierarchy of 2012 games. Won't ever get tired of fun side scrollers.

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I was surprised at how good Sleeping Dogs was and by how bad Assassins Creed III was. Other than that, most other games pretty much hit my expectations, although I still have a few to catch up on (Halo 4, Far Cry 3, Journey).

I had a feeling I would love XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and (mock me if you must) I did indeed love all three of them.

Although I didn't hear anything about The Walking Dead until about mid-year, after it received so much attention I decided to give it a shot even though I had a feeling I would dislike it. Lo and behold, I disliked it quite a bit.

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Yeah, I was surprised by a lot this year in both good and bad ways. Very odd year.

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Same as every year for me really, some of the games I thought I wouldn't like I end up loving and some of the ones I looked forward to I end up hating.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Kinda, yeah. Many of the games I was looking forward to either did not deliver or were pushed to 2012.

Yeah, there were a lot of interesting games that got delayed :( however, there were still some wonderful surprises:

  • XCOM
  • FTL
  • They Bleed Pixels
  • Mutant Mudds
  • Splice
  • Walking Dead
  • Legend of Grimrock
  • Lone Survivor
  • Dustforce
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Disppointments aplenty this year. Assassin's Creed III, Darksiders 2 are a couple. I was really surprised by Binary Domain though. Also, I liked Prototype 2 way more than I expected to.

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I've actually enjoyed Syndicate more than I expected. Same with Sleeping Dogs, and I usually hate sandbox style games. On the PC, FTL is a black hole in the space/time continuum.

Also have to give a shout out to Spec Ops: The Line. Although it was short, loved what the single player brought to the table.

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Pleasant surprises for me: Sleeping Dogs, FTL, Binary Domain, Far Cry 3.

Disappointing surprises: Darksiders 2 takes the cake for sure, Diablo III in a way because I was just kind of bored by it, and maybe AC3, although I haven't actually played that yet.

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Games I expected to be good, but didn't meet my bloated expectations:

  • Torchlight 2 - Great but... just jaded.
  • Borderlands 2 - Coming very much from a Jeff-esque stance on both games.
  • Diablo 3 - *Get to Inferno* "Fuck that"
  • Home - *snore* "Oh hey there, bad plot!"

Games that I had no real expectations for, but were kickass:

  • Dragon's Dogma - Top to bottom fun. Pretty decent loot grind at the end what with the Dragon Knight armor, serverwide boss loot and shit.
  • Sleeping Dogs - Dim Mak
  • Soul Calibur 5 - After SC4, I was not ready for this game to be so good.

I'm still holding reservations specifically for Far Cry 3, Darksiders 2, and Max Payne 3 for when I actually play them.

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This year was kind of standard for me.There were lots of great games that came out.BL2,Dishonored,Xcom EU,The Walking Dead and plenty more,but they only met my expectations.They didn't exceed them.Personally The Walking Dead was probably the best game from a Narrative standpoint this year,and depending on how eps 4 and 5 are,may be game of the year for me.I will say that Iv'e gained more appreciation for stealth games this year thanks to games like Mark of the ninja,Hitman,and Dishonored.Next year is the Holy Grail for me,BIOSHOCK INFINITE.It probably won't meet my expectations,but I can dream.

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It definitely seemed like The Walking Dead surprised a lot of people.

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2012 was year of the bow...

But, agreed there were a lot of surprises. I had more fun with random games than games I was actually looking forward to. I hope this doesn't continue into 2013, because I really want SimCity 5 and anticipate playing it as much as 4. That can't bite me in the ass... can it?

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Dishonored was a sleeper hit for me, 30 hours deep

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Games I had expectations for/was actually excited for: 

  • Mass Effect 3: I enjoyed it far more than most people, but it wasn't mindblowing
  • Far Cry 3: Still haven't played it yet, but it combines most of my favorite game tropes: open worlds, first person perspectives, RPG elements, tropical islands. Hopefully my GOTY.
  • Assassin's Creed III: Expectations tempered, but I'm still looking forward to playing it at Christmas
The games I bought out of curiosity: 
  • XCOM: Absolutely phenomenal. No idea it was going to as good as it is. If Far Cry 3 disappoints, this is my GOTY.
  • Hitman Absolution: Bought it on impulse (I had a lot of coupons). As someone who has never played a Hitman game before, I enjoy it, but am starting to sour a bit. The first couple levels were fantastic, but after the orphanage...bleh. It's going downhill.
  • Diablo III: I had a fun time with it. Not the greatest game ever, but a perfectly fine way to pass time in hotel rooms when my family moved over the summer.
  • Spec Ops: I literally felt sick after beating this one. Hell of an achievement in VG story telling and emotional connection, boring as an actual game.
So yeah, I guess this year was pretty surprising, primarily due to XCOM.
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I am that way with Assassin's Creed III. I had pre-ordered that game and had been looking forward to it for months, but alas, now that I own the game I can't get myself into it. I just don't like some of the changes and it seems choppy.

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I've actually had a blast this year

  • Max Payne 3
  • Torchlight II
  • Dishonored
  • Borderlands 2
  • XCOM
  • The Walking Dead
  • Planetside 2
  • Far Cry 3

And probably a couple more that I'm forgetting at the sec are all fantastic.

  • Hitman Absolution
  • Mass Effect 3

Were massive disappointments though.

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Sleeping Dogs definitely surprised me. The trailers that they put out did not do that game justice at all.

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From what I've played, some games this year hit a very, very high "high" and some others a very, very low "low". And in the middle, some games that weren't as good as I wanted them to be.



  • Mass Effect 3 (the ending notwithstanding, the game was more of the same, though nowhere as good as ME2)
  • Assassin's Creed III (so far, it's been pretty dull, but I'm only 25% into the game)
  • Deadlight (Good visual, sucky gameplay and story)
  • Diablo III (Got to Inferno, got bored)
  • Torchlight II (Diablo Lite didn't tell me anything I didn't know)


And that's not counting the games I haven't played yet, like Hotline Miami (have it, but no time to try it so far).

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Two of my three favorite games this year (XCOM and The Walking Dead) weren't even announced when the year began. So yeah, I'd say it was the year of the surprise.

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FTL surprised me somewhat I suppose but it's a year of like 20-25 8/10's and nothing better.

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I was disappointed with XCom. I was expecting it to be the greatest game of all time but it only turned out to be the best game of the last decade. But seriously it was the most disappointing compered to the level of excitement I had for it. I still ended up loving the hell out of it, but all the bugs, the way the game was designed around random chance that wins out over even the best strategies and the lack of customization bother me.

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Not many surprises for me this year, unfortunately.

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The only big release that actually pleasantly surprised me was Borderlands 2. It seems they fixed and improved almost everything that needed, and it was just that much more enjoyable that the original was.

With Dishonored, while I really enjoyed it, the game did not suck me in like I was hoping for. The game, from a mechanical standpoint, is fantastic. It plays well, I just don't find it engrossing. There's just something about it that keeps it from clicking for me.

Didn't much take to Halo 4's campaign, though I seem to be in the minority with that one.

Funnily enough, two games that shared rather negative reception - Risen 2 and Silent Hill: Downpour - were two of my three (along with Witcher 2 on 360) favorite games released this year.

Eagerly awaiting Far Cry 3. Hoping it holds up to the positive buzz it is getting at the moment.

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Biggest surprise for me would be The Walking Dead. XCOM would be a close second.