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This isn't game of the year, this is the most you've spent in a 2012 release.

For me, it IS my game of the year: Crusader Kings 2 at 306 hours (if it's a console game estimate)

my second place... probably Persona 4 arena? I guess? I don't know.

edit: actually second place is ME3 because the multiplayer is pretty fun

also this is 2012 so if you say LoL or WoW I will cut you (I don't care about mists of pandaria shut up)

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Max Payne 3, played through SP multiple times and got hooked on MP.

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Sleeping Dogs, around 20 hours.

Haven't played many 2012 games.

EDIT: Wait, I forgot about Mass Effect 3, which I played for about 26 hours.

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I spread most of my time out between games pretty evenly. My most played this year would probably be Team Fortress 2. I finally got a few friends to play it with and probably put 80 or so hours into it. Next closest would be TW: Shogun 2 which was around 50 hours.

Edit: Completely forgot about Diablo 3. That is easily my most played game which was 200+ hours. Says something that I played it that much and didn't even remember it right off hand.

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Aside from DOTA 2... Dark Souls:PtDE(PC) - 293 hours. Mass Effect 3 is second(or third, whatever) with 188 hours.

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NBA 2K13, amazing game, probably 35+ hours at this point, which is a lot for me.

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Diablo 3. Somewhere around 200-250 hours.

It was not a good time investment. It was more or less my bombcast game for a few weeks. Just needed something mindless with no dialogues that required attention.

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Diablo 3, 150+. Dark souls at about 120(pc release counts)

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Probably Guild Wars 2.

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Probably Binding of Isaac, around 40h.

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Probably Skyrim. Only got around to it this year but god damn that is a great game.

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Devil Survivor 2 with 30 some hours.

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Dragon's Dogma easily. I beat that game 2 and a half times.

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goddamnit people 2012 releases only D:

(dark souls counts because it's a separate edition but come on)

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I think I spent the most time in SSX, the multiplayer kept me busy for a good amount of time.

Most of my game time this year was spent playing older games like Gears 3, LoL, Skyrim, and Civ V.

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hmmm... strangely enough, I think it was probably Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which I played around 95 hours of including the two DLC packs. I also played a ton of Skyrim early in the year, but probably not more than half of the 140 total hours I've put into it.

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if my raptr profile is any indication, these are sort of my top few games.

World Of Warcraft - unknown amount of hours probably 375+ hours since MoP came out

Diablo 3 - 375 hours

Guild Wars 2 - 209 hours

Mass Effect 3 - 197 hours

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Persona 4 Arena for sure.

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@Marz: yeah as long as you played it after that's fine I just didn't want people saying "oh yeah I played a bunch in the first half of the year so WoW"

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I'mma count Skyrim cause modding didn't really come into fruition until this year, and mods made the game a whole new experience.

Other than that, it'd be Street Fighter x Tekken, Guild Wars 2, and Kingdoms of Amalur.

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Mass Effect 3. Two 35 hour runs makes 70 hours total. Plus maybe five for multiplayer. Yeah, a lot of the games I played this year weren't "long" games.

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It's either Borderlands 2 or Trials: Evolution. I can't believe I've spent so much time playing Trials but I got addicted to the User Created Tracks. I played that game daily for a few months.

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wow, i didn't realize i spent 130 hours playing borderlands 2...

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Probably Mass Effect 3, but only because there haven't been many games that I've really stuck with this year. I'm doing quite a few of the side quests in Assassin's Creed 3, though (my game shelf is pretty bare at this point), and I've probably put 35 hours into it. Otherwise, probably Skyrim (yeah, I know, it's a 2011 release, but I've gone through two characters all the way to level 60). I imagine I'll put some hours into whatever I get for Christmas.

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I'd say Guild Wars 2, and Persona 4 Golden. No clue the exact hours, but probably in the hundreds on both.

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Probably Persona 4, since it's a long game and everything.

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@Animasta said:

This isn't game of the year, this is the most you've spent in a 2012 release.

For me, it IS my game of the year: Crusader Kings 2 at 306 hours (if it's a console game estimate)

my second place... probably Persona 4 arena? I guess? I don't know.

edit: actually second place is ME3 because the multiplayer is pretty fun

also this is 2012 so if you say LoL or WoW I will cut you (I don't care about mists of pandaria shut up)

Always a joy to see people showing some love for Crusader Kings 2. According to Steam I'm at 278 hours total, so CK2 takes it for me as well.

Other than that, I put in around 45 hours with Borderlands 2 and 30 hours with Darksiders 2. So they would be my 2nd and 3rd.

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I'm not really sure to be honest. I think I spent more time playing older games this year then newer ones.

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Aside from Persona 4 Golden, Mass Effect 3, and SSX. I don't think I played any other 2012 game for more than 10 hours.

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Dragon's Dogma - about 150 hours I think.

Nothing has come remotely - remotely - close to that.

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Probably either Resident Evil 6 or PlayStation All-Stars. Although the later should be the game I spent the most time with by years end.

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Torchlight II, 22 hours

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I spent most of my gaming time this year with free-to-play or alpha-funded titles actually. :O

For free-to-play, it started with about 40 hours of Dota 2. But then I discovered Smite- which has probably gotten almost twice as much playtime at this point.

And then there's Starfarer... That probably has around 30-40 hours to its name at least- despite just being an alpha. :D

Outside of Starfarer- just about every game I've actually bought this year has not lasted any longer than 9 hours or so. :\

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Crusader Kings II: just under 300 hours. It's also my Game of the Year.

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It's Mass Effect 3 for me with around 80 hours and nothing has come close yet, maybe Borderlands 2 will but my guns/gear are so bad right now that I'm getting killed instantanously... so I don't feel like finishing NG+.

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dragon's dogma, just started a third run.

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Apparently Borderlands 2 (82.8hours) O_o

However, the real answer is Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb (200+ hours since that DLC was released), although, it seems a bit weird counting that, given the way the DLC intertwines itself with the base game; also, I don't have a specific number, given that my Steam playtime is all merged into one number.

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It probably would be World of Warcraft if we were counting pre-MoP this year, as I resubbed in about April and in the run up to MoP got 4 Level 85's (as in the whole 1-85 shebang) geared up. I've mainly been casually focused on a Panda Monk since MoP though, so I've not played it as intensely. Hell, I've not even gone to Pandaria on those 85s yet!

But as I've not really played much Mists of Pandaria specifically, it's hands down ME3 as the runaway winner. 50 hours for my first complete playthrough, currently just shy of 60 on my FemShep's runthrough (played Leviathan and Omega in this run, I've only just got to Thessia so it's probably at least another 5 hours till I finish), and then a disgusting amount of Multiplayer: 128 hours according to my Bioware Social page! I can't believe how much I ended up enjoying that multiplayer, and then the fact Bioware solidly supported it post release with the extra free content meant I kept coming back on a regular basis!

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i spent a little over 100 hours with diablo 3.

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Either Assassin's Creed III or Dragon's Dogma. I'm at about 30 hours in both. As far as new releases go 2012 has been a particularly dry year for me.

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200+ hours of Diablo and probably about the same on Guild Wars 2. I dont think any of the other stuff I played comes close to those this year.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive with about 86 hours. Never gotten in to CS before but it's just a fun game to play for a single match really quick.

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According to Raptr it's Minecraft 360 with 133 hours.
Halo 4 would probably be the runner up at 81 hours.

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Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur and Sleeping Dogs. Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition which came out this year for 360 I played just over 100 hours which god knows how I did that since it would crash every 5 load screens.

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Probably Mass Effect 3 (spend an embarrassing amount of time with the multiplayer) or Borderlands 2 (A.K.A. The Time Destroyer)

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Probably 45+ hours in ME3. I rung that game dry.

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Probably Borderlands 2. Over 70 hours (though I don't know how many for sure). Although it didn't make my GOTY list so it makes me wonder if I'm spending my time well. The next closest is probably Forza Horizon or X-Com which had about 20 hours each.

EDIT: Actually, with two characters in ME 3, I probably put in nearly 100 hours into that game. I also didn't add that game to my GOTY list. Fuck.

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I've spent close to 200 hours in Diablo 3, so that I suppose.

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Borderlands 2 and Persona 4: Golden. Spent more time than I was expecting with Tekken Tag 2 as well.

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Guild Wars 2. 500+ hours.