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Dragon's Dogma or Borderlands 2. I'm not sure.

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I didn't really play a lot of this years releases. Aside from Dota 2 (1000+) I played Ratchet/Jak collection probably 20 hours, must have played 30+ hours of Kingdoms of Amalur, maybe 15 hours of Starhawk, and a few hours of Torchlight II. Mostly I've been playing last year's releases like Saint's Row and Deus Ex.

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I guess it was Darksiders 2. Though I feel like most of that time consisted of walking around dungeons trying to figure out where to go next. That game could have used a sprint or something.

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Probably Max Payne 3.

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Skyrim, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Tian Quest: Immortal Throne, Legend of Grimrock, Minecraft on a Tekkit server

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Probably Dust or Halo 4.

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Think I have at least 4 days with Borderlands 2. That was okay. I guess. Edit: Saw Minecraft 360 mentioned and that probably takes the cake. Upwards of 110 in that game, probably.

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Borderlands 2 with 249 hours.

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A hefty 7 hours of Borderlands 2. I'm the captain of team ''2012 sucked''.

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Borderlands 2, where I spent 45 hours, which is also my all-time high. Waiting for more DLC and that number will go higher. I'm not the kind of person that plays one game for multiple hundreds of hours, but 20 games for 20h each.

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NBA 2k13 probably around 40 hours. You guys on hundreds of hours, holy hell.

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Probably "The Secret World" with ca. 150 hours... And now started it again after it went F2P...

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Forza 3. I bought it for 5 bucks, and have easily dumped 70 hours into it.

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Let's see, about 50 ish hours on Diablo 3?

I played a lot of star wars MMO in January, but that is 2011 game.

Orcs Must die 2, about 16 hours.

Chivavlry: Medievial Warfare about 30 hours already :o

Damn, I haven't bought any 2012 games, almost ;o

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70 or so hours of Diablo III.

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Guild Wars 2. I don't have it installed at the moment but I pretty sure it's at the top.

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Probably my 300+ hours into Diablo 3, but not all of that time was fun.

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Planetside 2, 90 hours and counting.

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Mass Effect 3 by far. I've been playing the multiplayer for months now and I haven't even finished the game yet. I suppose Civ V Gods and Kings would be a distant second.

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I must of put at least 70 hours in of Magic DotP:2013. It's just so easy to play a couple of games while I'm watching TV.

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Diablo 3... Way too much time. Probably close to 400 hours. I stopped playing a few weeks ago because I was spending way too much time on there.

It was good while it lasted, I'll probably be back for the expansion.

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Sleeping Dogs for me.

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Probably Diablo 3 with somewhere between 100 and 150 hours. I didn't get sucked into many games this year.

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@UitDeToekomst said:

hmmm... strangely enough, I think it was probably Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which I played around 95 hours of including the two DLC packs. I also played a ton of Skyrim early in the year, but probably not more than half of the 140 total hours I've put into it.

Pretty much the same here, except I played all of my Skyrim this year. Sorry, 2012 releases. Other than those 2 and some forty hours in Dragon's Dogma, I've mostly been playing shorter games from the previous years, like Batman and Portal 2.

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Guild wars 2 here with a whopping 300 hours in the first month or so. Saw everything the game had to offer pretty much.

That's also not including time spent in the beta weekends so I guess it's probably closer to 400.

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According to Steam, it's looking like Orcs Must Die 2, but a fair margin. Huh...

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I logged 115 hours into Xenoblade. I also put a considerable amount of time grinding in Disgaea 4.

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Wow I guess I haven't thought about it but it looks like Persona 4 Golden takes the cake. That game is just so fucking long.

Edit: Wait, take that back. Looks like I beat P4G's 74 hours with Diablo 3's 85.

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I want to say Dark Souls with 100-150 hours, but it's probably beat by Civ 5 (haven't really kept track how much I've played it this year).... Although when I think about it it's actually most likely SwToR, eventhough I quit quite early.

#81 Posted by JoeyRavn (4973 posts) -

Borderlands 2. 113 hours (and I still haven't touched the latest DLC).

#82 Posted by Hunter5024 (5671 posts) -

Final Fantasy 13-2 and Persona 4 Arena both felt like they took forever, I also probably played about as much Tekken Tag 2 as either of those games. If we're counting non-2012 games it was Chrono Cross, because I needed to beat it a couple times to write a blog I wanted to do, and never got around to it because of NaNoWriMo, then finals, and now GOTY.

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Probably Mass Effect 3 or Diablo 3 with Halo rapidly catching up. Played a ton of FTL too.

Just checked Raptr and I somehow put 38 hours into Spelunky and still have less than half of the achievements. And another 38 into the Binding of Isaac, which I already played the crap out of last year.

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Persona 4 Golden. Some of my fingers and at certain times my arms would falll afsleep holding that Vita for so many hours straight.

#85 Posted by Seppli (10251 posts) -

Defintely Guild Wars 2. Albeit I'm slowly starting to resent the heavy dependence on RNG and grind for earning a legendary. I never should have commited to getting one.

Though I'm quite impressed by the steady flow of fresh content and events for it. Oddly enough sPvP and WvW haven't really caught on with me yet.

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Technically, the 2012 game that I played the most is Borderlands 2.

But it's nothing compared to how much time I blew in Skyrim which was released in 2011 (and still playing it.)

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Either Mass Effect 3 or Trials Evolution. I think I have 4 days of playing time on Trials, so at least 96 hours, and I don't know if that includes time in multiplayer. I've played the campaign in ME3 nearly 3 times, so that's a good chunk of time, plus I've been way into the multiplayer lately. I've spent at least another 15 to 20 hours on that.

Persona 4 Golden is catching up quickly though. I don't think it will surpass those two this year, but I'm sure it will before long.

#88 Posted by awesomeusername (4183 posts) -

Mass Effect 3, however long it took to beat the story once and some multiplayer. Not a lot of multiplayer though, just a couple hours. I haven't played much 2012 games.

#89 Posted by Turambar (6784 posts) -

These are the only ones I can think of since they all have at least triple digits next to the hour mark.

Skyrim (multiple playthroughs because mods mods mods)

Diablo 3

Guild Wars 2

Dungeon Fighter Online.

Not a surprise that most of the games on that list are online multiplayer ones.

#90 Posted by AngelN7 (2970 posts) -

Probably Mass Effect 3 I played the crap out of that , it was surprisingly fun.

#91 Posted by Hailinel (24733 posts) -

Xenoblade Chronicles. No contest on that one.

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I spent the most time with The Binding of Isaac, but a game from 2012... Dragon's Dogma easily.

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So, I just checked my Steam, and to my surprise it was Super Monday Night Combat with 272.1 hours. Damn, I really love that game.

Second was XCOM: Enemy Unknown with 132.8. Put it down after I finally beat an Iron Man game on Classic difficulty.

Third was Crusader Kings 2 with 88.6. Would have been much much more if my computer didn't die in the middle of a session. Built a new rig but haven't gotten back to it yet.

And then I suppose fourth would be Xenoblade Chronicles with probably around 80 hours or so. That game was amazing, and I want to play it again sometime.

This thread has really interested me to see how much time other people have spent on specific games. I'm only half suprised to see that Mass Effect 3 was a popular choice. The multiplayer was pretty fun, and with all of the free updates, I have been considering diving back into it.

#94 Posted by Trilogy (2653 posts) -

Diablo 3 at well over 200 hours. I went a little overboard with it.

#95 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (622 posts) -

It's probably Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Arena. Although, by the end of the year P4G will probably surpass Diablo 3.

#96 Posted by crcruz3 (265 posts) -

Borderlands 2 with 100-150 hours.

#97 Posted by Andorski (5309 posts) -

Probably Diablo III, followed by CS:GO. Single player-wise, it looks like Far Cry 3 will be the longest by the end of the week.

#98 Posted by HelicopterSpy (144 posts) -

I normally burn out on a game right around 60 hours or so. Skyrim last year, the Fallout games, Borderlands, etc. Diablo 3 this year though I have about 125 hours in. I just jumped back in a few weeks ago, still haven't beat Inferno... I should get back to that.

#99 Posted by Dezztroy (794 posts) -

Guild Wars 2 and Borderlands 2 are two that come to mind.

#100 Posted by Oombalan (80 posts) -

Diablo 3 at around 100 hours, inferno was a bit of a grind/chore haven't touched it since.