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Dota 2; that being 393 hours and still counting!

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I put like 90 hours into FTL, at least half of which was during the beta before it had half the ships or half of the text adventure encounters, and it was still awesome.

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@Bishna Have you played SMNC lately? I just don't understand how its community shrank so dramatically within like 6 months of release.
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Dark Souls. 204 hours logged. That game consumed me for a good few months, and it's still not remotely finished because I'm a serial restarter and love exploring/trying out different things.

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Dead or Alive with 90+. Not sure exact number.

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@BisonHero: Ya, I try to play at least once a week. It is super sad how the game launched, and I think that has a lot to do with how few people are playing it. Its such a shame, it is one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time, and it is completely free.

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FIFA 13 easy. Spelunky appears to be number 2 for me, having just passed Need For Speed Most Wanted at 31 hours.

Spelunky is definitey my bargain of the year in that regard.

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Mass Effect 3 is the 2012 release I've spent the most time with. But seeing as it's only competition are Binary Domain and Journey then that's not really much of a surprise.

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Probably XCOM

Edit: Or League of Legends if you consider the constant changes being a "release", but I don't really agree with that. But I've played a lot of League of Legends.

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Probably Mass Effect 3. 31 hours for the campaign, plus a whole bunch of multiplayer (which I absolutely didn't expect). Everything else was kind of one and done. Though I think I'm over 25 in Halo at this point.

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Longest game I stayed on was Far Cry 3 with 21 hours. Then like 12 on Mass Effect 3. I feel that isn't much time for either of them.

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Borderlands 2, though including games from prior years, definitely Minecraft on the PC.

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Sleeping dogs 105 hours two play through's really hope this game gets a sequel also played max payne 3 twice not sure on the hours probaly less.Now I'm playing alot FC3 probably close to 20 hours love the game.

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31 hours on Source Filmmaker. That's a game, right? ...right?

Looking at my Steam listings... I think it was Darkness II at 10 hours. That's not actually very long. I've only played the tutorial of XCOM and only 5 hours of Sleeping Dogs but I fully expect that if I finish either one of those games it'll rocket me forward. ...for comparison, Serious Sam 3 is the game I played most last year, at 22 hours. ...I don't play many games for very long, if I'll be honest.

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Diablo 3. XCOM might be the runner-up, but that's just a guess.

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Civ V for me fallowed by Skyrim. (2012 sucked real bad)

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I played over 800 hours of DOTA 2 this year.

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Borderlands 2 for me.

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Mass Effect 3. But only because it was a long game. Every other game this year I've stopped playing out of boredom but I had to finish that one. Come year's end it'll be FTL because I'm hooked.

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League of Legends. Hundreds of hours of my life wasted well spent.

#121 Posted by Joeybagad0nutz (1493 posts) -

@Socialone said:

''2012 sucked''.

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Don't know the specifics but I'm gonna guess Borderlands 2, but Forza Horizon might be making a run at it. I'll sit down and tell myself I'm only going to play for a couple hours and it usually turns into 4 or 5

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I would probably have to be the 84 and counting hours I've put into Persona 4 Golden so far.

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Diablo 3 with 160+ hours followed by Dark Souls PtDE with 140 or so hours. Dark Souls wins though since I had at least as much on 360 as well. I don't think any other games where close this year. Except League, but one does not simply compete with that, I don't want to know this years playtime in that game.

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Probably, minecraft, sleepy dogz, halo 4, assassins creeds multiplayer.

#127 Posted by MightyDuck (1620 posts) -

I'd say either NHL 13 or Mass Effect 3.

#128 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Gah, I'm actually not sure. Probably Torchlight 2. Around 40 hours.

#129 Posted by Sinusoidal (2249 posts) -

By default, Borderlands 2. It's the only 2012 game I've played yet. Still working on a huge backlog of older games.

#130 Posted by Petturi (67 posts) -

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 over 100 hours

Soulcalibur V 70 hours

Sleeping Dogs over 40 hours

Surprised how much I played SC V, when it doesn't even make my top ten for 2012. Started Borderlands 2 and could see it surpassing Sleeping Dogs before the year ends.

#131 Posted by Rebel_Scum (911 posts) -

Most played: Skyrim

for a 2012 release: Mass Effect 3

#132 Posted by Catarrhal (866 posts) -

Dragon's Dogma. 180 hours.

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I spent about 50 hours with the vita version of Disgaea 3. It came out this year even if it is a old game with some new content. But if you just want to count brand new games I spent about 25 hours with Hitman Absolution.

#134 Posted by Apathylad (3234 posts) -

Over 100 hours in Guild Wars 2.

#135 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2067 posts) -

Holy crap, I haven't played much video games at all this year!

Crusader Kings II might actually be my most played, as it stands.

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Mass Effect 3, then Sleeping Dogs.

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If we are talking about a 2012 game, probably Diablo III at over 60 hours followed by Mass Effect 3.

If we can include releases from the year before, Skyrim probably beats every game ever for total time spent, and that would include just in calendar year 2012. 180+ hours total with probably half of that, or maybe more than half, in 2012. That game just makes you waste time in it.

Crap, I forgot time spent in MMOs, so yeah, Star Trek Online is high up there this year as well.

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Borderlands 2, for sure. I've put in about 75 hours or so into it, almost all of which are on my main Commando.

#140 Posted by RecSpec (4609 posts) -

Borderlands 2. Not sure exactly how many hours but I can safely say that ten of those were spent farming for a weapon (that ended up with me leaving empty handed)

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@Blommer4 said:

Dota 2; that being 393 hours and still counting!

@jorbear said:

I played over 800 hours of DOTA 2 this year.

Man I was wish i could get that into it. Only have put 10 hours into it and have had it for at least 8 months...

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Either Mass Effect 3, or Forza: Horizon.

I'd say probably Mass Effect 3.

#143 Posted by MURDERSMASH (267 posts) -

I'm showing:

1) Civilization 5 Gods & Kings at 464 hours

2) Sonic Generations at 95 hours. Yes it came out in 2011, but most of the time spent playing was this year.

3) Torchlight 2 at 58 hours

4) Dust: An Elysian Tail is around 40 or so hours (beat it twice at 15 hours a piece, working on hardest difficulty now)

5) Borderlands 2 at 37 hours

There's others as well, but those are my biggest time-sinks this year.

#144 Posted by Rawrz (604 posts) -

Halo 4 at like 170 hours

#145 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7105 posts) -

@Animasta: Diablo 3 by far; kind of a waste of time though I don't really regret it since it was a fairly unique experience to do Inferno ridiculously early and at some point I did have a character worth several thousand dollars though I'm not the sort to sell; granted it's worth about 50 bucks now.

AC3 multiplayer up to about 60 hours now, 10 odd hours in single player so far.

100 some hours in SWTOR since free to play

#146 Posted by raidingkvatch (1200 posts) -

Probably Mass Effect 3

#147 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

@Redsox44: I only got into it because I found a good group of friends to play it with. For me, I play it less for the actual game, and more for the social aspect of it. That is not to say that the game isn't amazing, because it is, like really amazing.

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Persona 4 Golden and League of Legends.... SHIT DONT CUT ME

#149 Posted by CJduke (846 posts) -

Definitely Diablo 3, somewhere between 100-120 hours. Every other game was under 30 hours so far, though Far Cry 3 will surpass that

#150 Posted by Sanity (2056 posts) -

I think i played about 160 hours of Diablo 3.