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@PixelPrinny said:

I'mma count Skyrim cause modding didn't really come into fruition until this year, and mods made the game a whole new experience.

Other than that, ... Kingdoms of Amalur.

I'd also say Skyrim because of the mods. I'd find a new mod then play around with it for hours, swap ones in and out, start new characters, etc... I also played a lot of Amalur Reckoning. I tend to over-level so I'd do practically every quest I came across. The loot I used was all crafted stuff, so gathering mats for new items was fun.

After that, Borderlands 2. Like Amalur and Skyrim, I did everything and created multiple characters to level up.

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Mark of the Ninja

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DC Universe Online.


What am I doing.

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Borderlands 2 with 45 hours, next is sleepy dawgz with only 14 hours. Stupid LoL wasting all my spare time

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Xenoblade. 80 hours. Nothing else was even close.

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sims3:seasons if one is to count a single expansion 300+ hours

and then multiply by the number of expansions/stuff packs for sims3 released this years....

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The Mass Effect series:

A few months ago, I started a new playthrough of the trilogy, and played each game pretty much back-to-back with a Male Shepard, and I downloaded a couple of extra missions in Mass Effect 2. They were Kasumi, and Lair of the Shadow Broker, both of which were awesome. I also downloaded the Extended Cut for Mass Effect 3, and I was very satisfied with it.

I'm not sure the exact amount of time for playing all three games was, but I would estimate it was somewhere around 100 hours.

Also, I played Assassins Creed 3 for about 50 hours, and that's because I did a lot of exploring and doing a bunch of side quests, including both the Homestead and Naval Missions.

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I didn't buy a lot of games this year either, so I have to catch up next year. Right now, the only games I'm interested in that come out next year are Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider.

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@Roger778: Tomb Raider is a definite buy for me, I'm excited for Bioshock Infinite but kinda want to wait and see how it turns out. GTA V and The Last Of Us are easily my most anticipated games for next year though, no matter what I'm definitely getting those 2 and I'm sure I'll drop literally hundreds of hours into GTA, I'm not sure about how the length of The Last Of Us is going to pan out but I'm sure I'll play through that more than once.

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Dragon's Dogma

160 hours and counting.

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Torchlight 2, by far. And I'm not even close to being done with it yet :)

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Guild Wars 2 for sure. Beyond that probably FTL and Diablo 3.

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I think the order would be something like...

Guildwars 2

UFO: Enemy Unknown

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die

Mass Effect 3

Planetside 2