#1 Posted by Gladiator_Games (535 posts) -

Any one know when these bad dudes are going to be shipping out?

#2 Posted by cutyoface (573 posts) -

I have also been wondering this.

#3 Posted by le_zane (71 posts) -

I have received shipping email for FRD but no Member notice :(

#4 Posted by JeanLuc (3799 posts) -

I hope soon. I order my member shirt with my "China Don't Care" shirt so I haven't gotten ether yet.

#5 Posted by Sweep (9752 posts) -

Still waiting on mine, too. I'm in the UK so I expected it to take a while, though.

#6 Posted by DarkFury (442 posts) -

I haven't received shipping confirmation for anything, I ordered 4 tees. Living in Spain.

#7 Posted by Swoxx (3019 posts) -

Nothing since the order confirmation, which was a month ago. They said on the podcast that it would take time to handle, especially since the shirts weren't made before the orders came in.

I was fine with it taking so long when they where Whiskey Media, but come on, you got a huge company behind you now, chop chop!

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Looking at Twitter, it seems like FRD has started coming in. Perhaps after this.

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I believe they said somewhere that they were going to make and ship out the China Don't Care and Fuck Ryan Davis shirts first, so I assume we'll start seeing the 2013 Members shirts shipping out relatively soon.

#10 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

Hopefully soon. Hopefully this time my shirt doesn't get lost in the mail like when I ordered a Flight Club shirt in may.

#12 Posted by KevSlider (99 posts) -

Looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't have their shirt. I kept seeing people posting their "China don't care" shirts and was wondering if my order was lost or screwed up.

#13 Posted by wafflez (545 posts) -

Takes time to print all them shirts

#14 Posted by BBAlpert (1858 posts) -

In before any "the shirts need time to get used to the new office" jokes.

#15 Posted by CharAznable (813 posts) -

I got both of my shirts this week, and I'm currently representing the Flight Club.

#16 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

I ordered my 2013 shirt on the first day they were available and I still haven't gotten it. :/

#17 Posted by Psychonautics (23 posts) -

Any updates on shirt printing or shipping? Ordered 5 shirts on 9/14, finally got the shipping notification on 10/23 but its still sitting on electronic shipping info received through USPS. I can't remember but I also am pretty sure I didn't chose USPS as I spent a little over $17 on shipping (to Oregon) and USPS as been shifty for me at my current addy in the past. Is there any kind of support email for this if I don't get any updates in the next few days?

#18 Posted by Captain_Insano (1738 posts) -

The '2013AD' on the shirt is incorrect. The 'AD' should precede the number, as opposed to BC which follows. This is because AD is 'Anno Domini' (In the year of our lord) so it makes no sense to come afterwards. When using BCE or CE however that follows the number. Just a minor note that makes absolutely no difference.