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24 years ago today the worst nuclear disaster in history occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Pripyat, Ukraine. Since it happened two years before I was born, I have no real memory of the event, but I'm sure there are people on these forums who were alive and remember where they were when they heard about the disaster. I'm fascinated by the event, especially the way it has been utilized in fiction. Anyone else feel like saying something to mark the event?

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Lets celebrate!
Cake anyone?

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Green cake, preferably, to incorporate the radioactive theme?

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Let's celerbrate by watching the Starcraft 2 HDH Invitational, my money is on NonY!
On topic, sucks.  Lots of people died due to those people.  :(

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Horrible, horrible disaster. Plenty of people died from radiation sickness. No joking matter.

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Going to play some Stalker and shoot some ruskies.
never forget

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24 is not a major anniversary. 25 is. Milestone years, people. Milestone.