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The back button and the left thumbstick click (AKA L3 on Playstation) on my 360 controller just stopped working all of a sudden. They were working the last time I played my 360 2 days ago. I plugged in a different controller and the buttons worked fine.

I can accept 1 button dying from wear and tear, but 2 at the same time? Maybe they're both connected to the same circuit or something, but that's just an idiots POV who doesn't know anything about how electronics work...

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Do you have a question or are you just venting about a broken controller? It's probably fixable but only if you know how to troubleshoot electronics with a meter. Sounds like it may be a broken PCB trace.

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Call me an idiot. I took a PS3 controller apart and ended up throwing it away, I couldnt figure out how to put it back together. Whats a PCB trace?
See I'm an elctronic idiot. Good luck with the controller.