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So, I've gamed since the 80s. I've been there for the large transition from 2d to 3d and thus I've had years to get used to using two sticks, one to control my character and one to control the camera. My fiancee, however, grew up in the Philippines and never gamed before she met me and while she likes to play games like Meatboy, Snes roms and stuff like that, when it comes the the majority of modern 3D games she can't seem to keep it all straight. She is super interested in a lot of them, though, like Alice: Madness Returns and Assassin's Creed.

My question is this: Are there any games anyone can think of that are particularly good at tutorialising the basic camera controls that have become second nature to us? Particularly for 3rd person games. I've tried just leaving her with AC2 and she even couldn't get to the Animus because a lot of those absolute basics are skipped in games these days.

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Mario 64 is my best bet. Game teaches you about camera controls, and you only need to use them sometimes.

That's all I got.

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@clstirens said:

Mario 64 is my best bet. Game teaches you about camera controls, and you only need to use them sometimes.

That's all I got.

Mario 64 couldn't be a good one for OP's situation, for two reason 1) they are only used sometimes, as you yourself said, 2) They aren't the same camera controls other games use, so this diminishes their value as training.

maybe something like Marble Blast Ultra

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The only thing that comes to mind immediately is the "center the camera on these blinking lights so we can calibrate your robo-eyes or something" sequence at the very beginning of the first Halo. Actually, that might be a decent place to start anyways, since Halo was one of the games that more or less set the standard for modern 3D controls (for console shooters, anyways).

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If you looking specifically for third person, i seem to remember vanquish not having a bad tutorial.

But honestly she is just better off playing any third person open world game, after a long enough period of time she will get it.

Reminds me of when my girlfriend got (back) into gaming. She loves FPS games, but for the first year I couldn't be in the same room as her when she played.

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Remember all of the PS2 games that started out with the "Use the right stick to swing the camera around" tutorial?

@egg: The great thing about Mario64 is that it actually explains the camera as an in-game element when you see Lakitu following Mario around with a camera. I can't think of any other game that did that.

If she can't get used to it, the other option is to only play 2D, isometric or first-persion games.

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Honestly I think this is just one of those things you just have to get used to over time. I dont think even a game with an excellent camera tutorial would make her suddenly "get" it. It's something you just have to do over and over til its second nature. Find a safe place in one of the early GTAs, have her run around and point the camera to certain things on screen you point out and be patient. Good luck!

Oh and if that doesnt work maybe give her a dual joystick shooter. It might be a little easier since your looking around on one plane and she can get used to using two thumb sticks at the same time