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@crusader8463: Ha, I guess you wouldn't like those running shoes that have toes on them.

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Yeah, no such luck I'm afraid :)

Even since seeing Will Smith wearing them I've wanted a pair!.

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@WilltheMagicAsian: Oddly enough those are fine. I remember when Will was walking around with them. Just something about them on that model looks off in a freaky kind of way.

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I hope there's a way to import something like this into the PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken. Would make an awesome alternate costume for King.

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I want this in Saints Row: The Third now.

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He needs a cheeseburger on that championship belt.

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Looks nice.

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Slight Progress on the shoes and fabric of his trousers, need to do a lot more and get some practice down, after that's done I'll concentrate on the arms and hands, then try to get it out of zbrush and into maya and put some shiny shaders and stuff, also try and get a good hair/fur shader written

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Looking good. The more I look at it though, the more the neck looks a bit too bulky with a rough transition.

I'm surprised this isn't featured in the Bomb Shelter yet.

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High Five!... Started work on the hands, and managed to COMPLETELY mangle them up before getting to this stage. bed now though; more to come late tomorrow.

Well like I said, once this is done I'm going to let people download and do what they want with it, so we never know

Noted, will do a selection nearer the time :)

Cheers, there's still a tonne of work to do though, thanks for the comment

Yeah, Totally. At the moment I'm still kinda just roughing out shapes, and that was going to be just fur going down to the body, but now if I'm making it in low poly I may try and create a fur shader (like shadow of the collosus/kinectimals) to cover that area instead, which means taking that bullky fur back a bit... which will be interesting. Keep the crits coming!

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@Robster said:

Huge improvement right here. Loving it

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This is amazing. Luchadeer is usually on a male body whenever the community gives him one. I can't wait to see him textured.

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Update, bit of work done on the gloves, and more wrinkles on the trousers, still need to work on the creases and overall design of the clothes, will try and add as many references as I can into it.

On the last real leg of sculpting, then I'll retopologise it into a game model and texture this mother.

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Left: Low Poly, Right: High POly, Middle: Normal Mapped version

Test (TED talk) Pose and Test Bake with a low res normal map (512*512) and a rig that is ... well... arse. here's hoping can do something with the rigging :D (no pressure). Next I'll have to model the peripherals(shoe/glove/mask laces) Belt/Cape/Giantbomb Logo/ hair planes for his "mane". then I can start Texturing proper (this was done with a quick unwrella unwrap).

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Any more work on this?

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LOL I love it! I really want to find the one of Jeff, but I cannot seem to find it :(

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I've got it all UV'd and the last thing I did was bake the base textures. My girlfriend of 3 years is going away for 7 weeks today, so a) I've been less able to work on this/anything. and b) my productivity will shoot up.

wow, didn't know there was one, post when you find it